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Help diagnosing a strange wobble

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I've noticed in the last few weeks, I've had an occasional wobble in the car. Steering, drivetrain, etc. it literally is felt throughout the car. At times, it's very scary. At other, it's just a minor annoyance. It almost feels like a death wobble.


This is all prior to my tire falling off last week, so it's unrelated. In fact, it may have been a contributing factor in it.



My first thought was that I had a tire out of balance, but when i took it to be checked, they lifted it up and instantly told me and showed me, that there was inwards and outwards (in terms of toe) movement in the front right tire. My first thought was that it needed an idler arm, so I went ahead and ordered one, replaced it. After replacing it, the odd movement was gone. for the last few days it seemed like the wobble was gone completely, other then a small vibration, that I figured must have been a tire out of balance.



Just today on a drive I noticed it came back as it was before. After a quick inspection I found NOTHING out of the norm. Nothing odd, broken, etc. All the bushings, bearings, etc in the front end are fine, except the sway bar end links.



I even went as far as greasing the steering components unsure.gif



huh.gif This is another one of those weird problems I can't track down. Point me in the right direction Ratsun!

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double check all the bolts that hold suspension and steering components. I was getting a strange wobble in my expidetion that only came in at 45 and was gone by 60. ended up being a upper control arm bolt being loose. Tightened up and it was gone. Also double check your hub bearings and all that shit in the front end and rear end. Bust out your torque wrench and double check anything and everything. just my .02 hope that it helps.

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Tighten up your T/C rods a few turns and see if that helps ......... are your wheel bearings okay??


....... does it get worse when pressing the brakes?... (that rotor has hit pavement twice) .... :o


I'll check that next cool.gif


Bearings look great. I re-lubed them last week.


You don't really feel it in the brakes. I replaced the rotor both times it hit the ground, simply as precaution. Hell, it only cost $20

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What conditions is the car under when this "vibration" happens?




Speed variant?


Straight line? Cornering?


Sway bar bushings are cheap enough. Isolate that, see if it's still there.


Just under normal driving. Straight line, turns, under braking, acceleration, it's all wobbling.


There is an occasional squeak in the steering when i turn all the way to the lock, but nothing when it's wobbling/vibrating.


It's more noticeable at higher speeds. say, 35+. Anything under that you wouldn't hardly know.


In corners it seems that it goes away or at least isn't as bad. Mostly a straight line problem.


Got some energy suspension bushings, just need to put em on cool.gif

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I'd say to inspect the bushings in the rear links.


Pathfinders from the 90's have a very bad problem with this.

It feels like the whole car is just swaying/waddling at speeds above 30-30. Gets worse when faster, obviously.

When test-driving one, it doesn't feel like the issue is coming from the rear.

But with the weakened/broken bushings, the axle is floating/shifting all 4 ways.


Something to check. You probably won't be able to see problem with just a visual inspection. The links are easy enough to remove on your own.

Replacing them is fairly easy too. For the cost of labor for a shop to do it, you can buy a press from HF and a lot of beer. Two hour job.


Not saying this is what the problem is...just from hearing your complaint, it might be something to look at.

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