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  1. jputz

    dellorto carbs

    I have a set too that I am going to put back on my L20B. Do you have any tuning info for these carbs?
  2. jputz

    Car Ban

    Check your state laws!! I bet you 9 times out of 10 there is a law on the books in most states that determines how high or low your vehicle can be. Its just up to the state to enforce it. If this gets enforced then it will suck!!!
  3. jputz

    How the old farts...

    fuck the old farts!!! (Sorry no offense intended) I want one!!!!
  4. jputz

    GA: Welcome to ATL & Import Alliance 2013

    Yeah that was a shitty show!!! We need to do our own thing one of these days. Thinking about crashing SoWo next month but dont know if the 620 will be back on the road by then.
  5. jputz

    GA: Welcome to ATL & Import Alliance 2013

    That blue one is clean!!!! The wheels are like white mirrors. Its a great example of a 620. Hes got a thread on here somewhere.
  6. jputz

    GA: Welcome to ATL & Import Alliance 2013

    Did you get any good pics? My camera was acting screwy and everything came out blurry. Got there about 2:30 and everyone seemed to be on the way out. By 3:30-3:45 half of the cars were gone. Hopefully they will be back next year and have a little more organization.
  7. jputz

    GA: Welcome to ATL & Import Alliance 2013

    So went to IA today and was there a little over an hour so some nice cars but not what I was expecting. Only saw two maybe three dattos. The show seemed unorganized and a pretty big clusterfuck. Maybe it was better in the morning. If anyone else made it to the show in the morning I would love to see some pics of how it was. Camera was acting funny and everything I took came out blurry.
  8. jputz

    GA: Welcome to ATL & Import Alliance 2013

    Will do man
  9. jputz

    GA: Welcome to ATL & Import Alliance 2013

    ohhh I will be in the ATL that weekend visiting my bro. Wish I had a datto ready to go but might swing by with the fam, if time allows.
  10. jputz

    Minty Fresh 510

    They work great on painted surfaces!!!!!!
  11. jputz

    Alex's red 4 door

    What is the thickness of the lexan? I might have to go that route till I can find the glass for the passenger side of my 2door
  12. Oh I hope you didnt sell them!!!!!!!!!!

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