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First 510 build begins!


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Picked her up today and tomorrow is start the cleaning process. The first pics is how she has sat for the last 8 years and now i finally have it in a dry place where i can start making it a car again. Got a few extra fenders and bumpers to work with and i think most of the other stuff needed to make it a functional car. Ill keep you guys up to date with my progress and hope to see a few of you guys at Eagle Rock.
















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Thanks. The car is just in parts right now. Im getting a basically complete car. im getting all the tail lights side markers, glass other then the windshield, the drivers side door, aluminum door panels, he has a set of fenders but they are in pretty rough shape so idk if ill work on those or get some newer ones, it needs clutch stuff, drive shaft, trans x member, engine is roughly wired up so idk if ill just keep the way it is or if ill just get a new wire harness and such, needs radiator and a few other things obviously lol. Im stoked to get a car that is already one its way to my dream car :-)

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and the guy fired up the engine when he got it from the Japanese engine place. I plan on just getting it running as quickly as possible. i plan on doing the p 40 mustang paint like our mascot in the top right :-). Thats all i have in mined so far but im sure tomorrow i will have many more. I just want to get it home right now and give it a good cleaning

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Dave thanks again for selling this beast to me. i hope i do it some justice by the time its up and running.


i bout his last 510 I bought his last 510.


today i really didn't have much time to work on it so i started to sand blast a few of the parts and tomorrow ill start to paint them.



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