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Anyone know about old fords?

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I drive a 63 Mercury Meteor Wagon daily and it has this problem that is rather annoying. When I turn the wipers on, they won't shut off. To get them to shut off, you have to kill the car with the ignition switch with the wipers in the park position. If the wipers are not in park position, they will continue after you turn the key back on. On rare occasions, you can click the wipers on and then back off immediately, they stop on their own. The wiper switch is a 1 position switch, just on and off. There is a foot pump for the washers that has wiring going to it. If you push the pump the wipers take off and won't stop.


What I would like to accomplish, I would like to locate the wiper park switch, trip the switch so that it will always think its in the park position. Then I should be able to turn the wipers on and as soon as the power switch is turned off, the wipers will stop immediately.

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If like the Nissan system there is power to the wiper at all times when the ignition is on. This is to provide power to finish the wipe cycle when they are turned off at the switch. Inside the motor is a switch that is open in or near the parked position. When you turn the wipers on it and it leaves the park position the switch closes and there is now two sources of power to the motor. If you shut the wiper off at any point other than the park position they still have power to finish the wipe cycle and when they reach the park position the switch opens and the motor stops. Hard to explain but simple in operation.


The switch inside may not be shutting off. If it can't be repaired you could remove the power to it and now when you shut the switch off the wiper stops... anywhere. You would have to time when you shut them off so they are near the park position.

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I'll start digging into it some more tomorrow, it has just been so cold out lately. The cold make it discouraging. I really don't want to cut any wires or as little as possible. So far everything is uncut and original on this car.

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My 520 wiper motor had a little chunk of metal, like the tip of a screw or something that fell in between the contacts Mike is talking about. I am assuming that kept those contacts in effect closed when I turned the switch off. I removed said chunk and now it works great.


My guess is also that Ford parts in the junk yard are easier to come by than Datsun. :rolleyes:

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Ever since steel went up, everything old has been scrapped. I haven't been to a junkyard that had anything older in a long time. I usually either have to know someone that messes with old cars but then they usually don't want to part with anything, or I have to buy what I can find on ebay or buy new from a dealership if possible.


I just got up, had a very late night last night. I'll get out there and look at my car some and go from there.

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Well I looked at the wiper motor, it has a 3 wire connector, one ground and 2 power. I haven't got a chance to try anything with that yet. I ran into another problem, the ass of my car is low because of weak springs and pulling out of a drive way, I broke the rear bumper off on the drivers side. So now I get to fix that as well. While I was under my car adjusting the drum brakes, I saw the two wires where the gas tank used to be. I assumed they were for the gas gauge. I hooked them together and the gas gauge went to full, so I should be able to wire them to my fuel cell and get a gauge reading. Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to install the new air shocks in the rear, fix the bumper, get the fuel gauge working, and get the wipers to stop on demand.

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The wiper switch is a single speed, just on and off. As for replacing the leafs, thats kinda more money to fix than the car is worth. It is better than it was, I used some leafs out of a Datsun 620. I would like to use the big thick leafs from a 620 but they are too flat, all they will do is keep it from getting any lower.

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I got the bumper back on, got the fuel gauge to sorta work, got the new air shocks on but got no where with the wipers. I tested the wiring going to the wiper motor, one wire is brown which open and closes the circuit with the wiper switch. The greenish wire has power all the time and the other wire didn't do anything. I believe it goes to the washer switch. With the wipers on, turn the switch off, and while they continue to run, one of the wires would make the test light blink whenever the wipers hit the bottom of the windshield. The park switch is trying to work but the amount of time the connection is broken isn't enough to stop the wipers. If I turn the switch off and stop the wipers by hand in park position, they stop every time. I guess if I don't want to cut any wires, I'll have to buy a wiper motor... :(

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