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Speed Shop OSR's 510 running under 9's


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got some vids of the 510. 1st vid happened on Thursday night' date=' wasn't there to record it but someone else did.

- Wheelie by a Datsun 510 at Irwindale 1/8 mile dragstrip December 2 2010


crazy wheel stand that bent some parts. They fixed it and came out today @ the Battle of the imports to get a few passes in. 1st pass car went towards the wall off the line so that was no good. 2nd and last pass was all good. They didn't leave as hard off the line this time because they didn't want a repeat of Thursday night lol.

YouTube - Speed Shop OSR's 510

This pass was at 24psi of boost, once they get the 1200cc injectors in the boost will be going up to 30-35psi. A few more changes are in the works for next year.


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