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auto to manual in a 510


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i am doing a automatic to manual swap, and i want to cut the floor once and have it work for a 4 speed and eventually a 5 speed. if its cut in the exact spot as a stock 4speed manual will that hole also work for a 5speed? is there a easy way to measure and get the hole in the right spot?

do i gotta bring some construction paper to a car show and ask someone if i can take measurements :blink:




sry if its a double post i searched and came up with nothing


this is a pic from my other 510 but it looks oblong


looking at that neglected car again makes me sad rofl :((sitting in the backyard under cover)

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if your talking about dogleg 5speed the shifters are almost the same distance from engine .just wait till you get new trans and measure ((BUT)) if you do cut remember there are brake lines right next to the hole....... we just did it in august ; 4speed to dogleg 5 speed..... although it seems like this thread is in the wrong place

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It's a cross over area where drive line mods intersects interior mods. If installing a KA24E or DE you would at some point have to discuss the EFI electrical system. If swapping struts (suspension) you would also at some point have to address the brake system. Everything on a vehicle is interconnected.

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Not that it really matters that much but it seems a running gear thing in my way of thinking its a long ways away from an interior question. None the less I hope he finds his 5-speed. Someone said wait till you get it then cut the hole.that makes pretty good sense to me.

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