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Hardbody disc brake brackets for 620/521/520/320

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So, to avoid more confusion from any newbs, and to put the right info in the right thread, I've decided to post a new thread for these.


Parts Needed:



Rotors: 2002 Honda passport, 2001-2004 Isuzu Rodeo, 2002-2003 Rodeo sport

Calipers: 1988-1997 D21 (Hardbody) calipers for 4wd, 2.4L

Pads: 1988-1997 D21 (Hardbody) pads for 4wd, 2.4L

Lines: Use the rubber hoses for the Hardbody calipers, and make new steel lines for the truck on the pre-1973 trucks only. The 620’s have the right thread on the hardlines and will hook right up.

Hardware: 12mm bolts are required to mount the caliper to the brackets, and 10mm bolts are required to mount the bracket to the spindle assy.



Master Cylinder


7/8” or 15/16” bore from any year 280zx with vertical mounting tabs. The 620 master cylinder will also work, but the mount has to be modified to fit the firewall on the pre-1973 trucks.




Remove wheels

1. Remove brake lines at the frame (320,520, and 521 only)

2. Remove drums

3. Remove dust cap and remove hub assembly

4. Un-bolt backing plate and remove

5. Install caliper bracket with ears facing rearward and spaced inboard

6. Install hub assembly onto spindle and re-install dust cap

7. Slide rotor over hub

8. Install calipers with bleeder at the top

9. Install lines

10. Bleed


Master cylinder

For 620 owners you can just replace the master with the larger bore M/C. To keep fabrication to a minimum use one that has the mounting tabs in the vertical position. I was able to use the 15/16” m/c and booster from a 720 but there was some modification needed to mount the booster itself. All of the fittings on the 620 are metric and you already have the required two lines. 520/521 install requires replacing the SAE fittings with metric ones. 520/521 installs will also require either a 280zx-proportioning valve or something comparable (Willwood adjustable) and lines run for the fronts.





I provide the brackets and all 10.9 grade hardware for mounting the brackets and calipers.


They are currently painted as the zinc plating didn't work out well.








The price is $160 shipped anywhere in the US, and another $20 for our Canadian brothers. All other countries contact me for shipping cost.



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