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Got me a old school snug top!

datsun dreamer

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for those that do want to find a shell that fits real good on a 620, ck out the differant shell choices from the 94 short bed toyota regular cab trucks, that is what i scored for lil orange and it is real close, as pac said finding one that is a perfect fit, whoa nelly, get real and quit dreamin, truck looks great bro...tom :cool:

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Hey guy's! Been having problems with my slave cylinder holding pressure so i went ahead and replaced it 2day :rolleyes: ! Luckily i still had a warranty on the 1 i replaced a year or so ago ;) ! Heres the old 1 that actualy fell apart when and b4 i took it off my 620..............



It actualy fell apart :huh: ........


And the new 1...............


And the new 1 now installed :cool: ...............



If it will last me to JCCS and SWDP'S bar-B-que...Mission accomplished :D !!!

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It has ben along time mark, didn't drive it for a long time 2 cause of alot changes but im glad im back and in my 620 again :D ! U know, i lost alot but couldnt part with my datsun and im truly glad i held onto my baby :) !

Adam, how did u know it was from autozone? :unsure: ..now u got me worried caused this is the 2nd 1 ive replaced from them :rolleyes: ! I hope this 1 last me through the winter at least :rolleyes: !!

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I can tell.... The seal pops. I think what is wrong is the rod be too short. Try going to the yard next time and pocket a rod from a z or something. I bet it be a little longer. ;)

Thanks for the tip adam :) ! Couldn't beleive how soon it broke...must have only had 2-3,000 miles on it when it started to give me problems again :rolleyes: !

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For some reason some of the slave cylinders don't come with a snap ring. I tried to explain that there should be a snap ring to hold the piston in to the parts guys and I got the deer/headlights look. :rolleyes:


You can check by pulling the boot in the store ;)

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