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Mysterious turbo l28 engine at my local college


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From what I can tell its not built from Nissan parts. After market intake and exhaust, with stock dizzy and after market BOV. Missing turbo and tubing and carb/efi. I believe the head was a n42 head. WILL POST PICS WEDNESDAY AT THE LATEST! Should I inquire more about the engine? Its pretty much going to be used by inexperienced kids and discarded. I dont want what might be a rare setup to be destroyed. Discuss...

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Here is a quick sketch of the head/engine... Ideas?


elmer that is what I had in mind. Whana trade type of thing. I gives you another engine!!!!





It had turbo stamped on the exhaust manifold. But on the top part. not the side on piston #1...

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Looks like a cartech suck/blow through (prob suck) to me. Similar, custom, w/e some something along those lines for sure based on that sketch.

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I have no question it's a draw though if there's no injectors on the intake and only one inlet. Pending on what the exhaust manifold looks like, I'm going to bet it's a Janspeed? That was one of the more popular draw through turbo's of back in the day iirc.

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I think its been pretty certain the whole time its a draw through turbo kit. The question is what brand, and from the welds and casting it is def a kit. I'd also like to know why who ever, was using a carbed turbo motor on a car modern enough (looks like 280zx) for power steering. Moreover if it was 280zx it already had a stock turbo variant? lol Idk someone funky owned it thats for sure.

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teh only thing i can think of, if there are no injectors, would be a diesel. but then you would have the mounts for an IP and no dizzy. either taht or as stated earlier, a carbed setup. but that is one weird looking manifold.

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Your over complicating things, its a turbo kit that was commonly sold pre l28et we just dont now the brand. The engine its on has a n47 gasoline head prob from a 280zx. lds look completely dif.


I don't think log style manis are weird looking but I can understand thinking so. They were and are popular although less now because of their simplicity and ease of manu.

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SO no one interested? Its going to get destroyed.



I am. shoot me a PM


I could use some other stuff off it too, I dont need the bare block, internals, or head.

just the outer housings,misc bolts, front cover, rockers, lash pads ect.

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N47's only came REALLY early on in the ZX lineup, before the switch to P79's. But it's for sure a draw through and other than that I couldn't tell you. I don't think it was a turbo tom's kit, since I've only seen them with a pressure side boost regulator, not with a waste gate, but one could very well exist.

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