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i mean what kind of look are you going for i personally would do somthing simple such as lowering the car a front airdam mild flares and a duck tail type spoiler with the right wheels and call it done

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find a lip from another and try fit that on the front.. I would sudject looking volvo. as for skirts measure from front to rear wheel wells and find a car that they make skirts for with the same wheel base.. maybe a MKII or chaser? you will have to do some modding to make anything fit... if done right it will look good.. if done ghetto I'm gonna join the flame wagon and tear into you ;)


EG, AE86 can use RX7 and S13 skirts with minor mods.


rear bumper I'd leave alone... if you start trying to make other bumpers fit a car and don't have the right skills and tools it will look stupid...

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You know, to be fair, I liked that car, and it would have probably looked good, but mixing and matching a Datsun body to a 90s Nissan takes a shitload of skill to be done right. It would have been a better idea to keep the door line and top portion of the 240 fender, then graft in the 610 fender so it would match up with the door and A-pillar correctly.


LOTS of time and money!

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Guest kamakazi620

240's look GOOD STOCK!!!!!! I do give an' A+ for effort as I've never seen that done before 'cept for a late 80s early 90s Thunderchicken w/'49 '50 ford frontend!!!!!

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