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  1. hey master, i needed your help on doing a SSS choke cable if possible.


    Kind regards



    1. datzenmike


      This is for status upgrades. If you have a question start a topic in the correct forum, or send a private message to someone that can help. You'll get more responses.

    2. pedrorebelo86@gmail.com
  2. Well here we go! had a great time today, really busy couldn't ask for better weather!
  3. Mesh-71

    canby 2010

  4. Eastwood does have good stuff, spendy but nice stuff. BUT, there website does bring the suck might have to find a number and call your order in
  5. I got my stickers a couple of days ago, but have not had a chance to get them on the car yet, hopefully I will get some pics of the dime rocking these stickers up soon :cool:
  6. maybe the tranny had a headache

  7. Hey man I looked at the back half of the car today, one side is rusted out, and the other side is crunched, so no luck there. Good luck with your search.
  8. I am going to Caravan my dime from Oregon City, down the back way to 99e and on down the road to Canby. Total trip time, 18 minutes. :P :P
  9. valve cover gaskets from a chevy 4.3 are supposed to work really good for standard sedan taillight gaskets, I think that you have to just punch the holes in them
  10. I have the back half of a dime at my folks house, it is pretty beat up, but when I go out there this week, I can snap some pictures of those areas, no promises but it might be something that you can use, or they could be rusted out...either way I will look and let you know what I have got
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