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  1. Mesh-71

    Yes? No? Hell no?

    Oh Hell no!!!
  2. Mesh-71

    Canby 2010 Pictures

    And finally.
  3. Mesh-71

    Canby 2010 Pictures

    And some more.
  4. Mesh-71

    Canby 2010 Pictures

    Still more.
  5. Mesh-71

    Canby 2010 Pictures

    And some more.
  6. Mesh-71

    Canby 2010 Pictures

    Well here we go! had a great time today, really busy couldn't ask for better weather!
  7. Mesh-71

    canby 2010

  8. Mesh-71

    Buying From Eastwood Co.

    Eastwood does have good stuff, spendy but nice stuff. BUT, there website does bring the suck might have to find a number and call your order in
  9. Mesh-71

    Ratsun Stickers

    I got my stickers a couple of days ago, but have not had a chance to get them on the car yet, hopefully I will get some pics of the dime rocking these stickers up soon :cool:
  10. Mesh-71

    510 2dr rear rocker panel sections wanted

    Hey man I looked at the back half of the car today, one side is rusted out, and the other side is crunched, so no luck there. Good luck with your search.
  11. Mesh-71

    Canby caravan locations?

    I am going to Caravan my dime from Oregon City, down the back way to 99e and on down the road to Canby. Total trip time, 18 minutes. :P :P
  12. Mesh-71

    Phil's 510 2 door. The tranny 68

    valve cover gaskets from a chevy 4.3 are supposed to work really good for standard sedan taillight gaskets, I think that you have to just punch the holes in them
  13. Mesh-71

    510 2dr rear rocker panel sections wanted

    I have the back half of a dime at my folks house, it is pretty beat up, but when I go out there this week, I can snap some pictures of those areas, no promises but it might be something that you can use, or they could be rusted out...either way I will look and let you know what I have got
  14. Mesh-71

    Project dime

    Well even though the weather has not been cooperating with me, I have managed to get some work done on the dime. Got the wiper motor re-installed, the linkage is ready to go back in but it started raining...... again so I will wait until the next sun patch to try and get the linkage in. Also got the hardware to install the front valance and some other odds and ends. Pictures of the complete car soon, can't wait, it has never had a non smashed front valance as long as I have owned it. :cool:
  15. Mesh-71


    Looks like a sweet project :cool:

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