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Rear Disc Brake brackets


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Heres the write up for the rear brackets I am selling. The parts required are as follows,


Rear brake caliper, caliper mounting bracket, pads, rotor, and brake lines from a 1989-1993 Isuzu Amigo, 1988-1995


Step 1. Obviously remove the wheels, drums, brake hardware, and e-brake cable.


Step 2. Remove the 4 nuts that hold the axle in the tube.


Step 3. Pull the axle with the backing plate. Here is where you have to make a decision. You can either press the bearing assembly off to remove the backing plate of do what I did. Start by poundint the 4 pressed in studs out. Be sure not to mess up the threads because you are going to reuse them. Remove and save the bearing preload shims because they have to go back on. Using a sawzall, torch, die-grinder or whatever cut the backing plate off. Be careful of the bearings. See picture below for the finishet axle with backing plate removed.


Step 4. Put the removed studs back into the bearing housing and re-install the axle in the tube. THere were some axle bearing preload shims on the bearing housing when you took it apart. Make sure they go back on in the same way.


Step 5. Install the plate on the back of the axle tube at a 2 o'clock position. Replace the locking nuts and torque to specs. See picture #2 (The locking nuts on my truck were worn out so I replaced them)


Step 6. Place the Isuzu rotor over the axle and install the caliper mounting bracket using the supplied spacers and new M12x1.25 50mm grade 8 or higher bolts. See picture #3


Step 7. Install the caliper with pads


Step 8. Install the Stock isuzu rubber brake lines into the caliper with the stock banjo bolt and housing. Attach the other end to your stock hard lines bleed them and your ready to go.


The reason for choosing the Isuzu calipers was for the integrated e-brake in the caliper. There are holes in the brackets to allow the passing of an e-brake cable I just have not had the time to make it work. Someday perhaps and I will keep you all posted.

Rears 1 006_thumb.jpg

Rears 2 004_thumb.jpg

Rears 002_thumb.jpg

Rears 2 006_thumb.jpg

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couple more pics of the process..




the pile grows...im doing the front and rear brakes with finelines brackets as well as new kingpins tie rods and centerlink cutting the POS off is simpler that replaceing bearings.. drive bolts out to separate and cut all unnecessary crap out of the way, making cutting easier..





a little grease couldnt hurt the dry bitch.. yummy tastes like mint ice cream


driving the studs back in... penetrating oil helps them drive in with just a couple smacks..hardly put a mark on them

Ill post some more of what I do with the emergency brakes and brake lines.

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Very nice!!

Since you completely removed the plate, is that going to affect the bearing endplay? Weren't there a bunch of shims in there when you pulled the axle? Would be good to know. Might make the difference between cutting the plate around the housing or completely removing it like you did.

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The backing plate does not affect the spacing. It actually slides over the bearing housing and is held on by the studs. As long as you keep the same shims in there no worries. Look at the first picture above.

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It's a fairly straight forward procedure. Do you have all of the parts needed? Can you turn a wrench and run a hacksaw? If so give it a shot. :)


It's a old Datsun you'll have to work on it sometime :D

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I dont really know of any shops in the city. Drop me a PM and we'll get discs on the back of your truck. Theres 4 trucks local using my brackets.

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as far as the ebrake goes, does it use the caliper or is it a drum style like subaru uses on the impreza's? I have been wanting to do this conversion on my 620 for a long time now

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