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An "alien" 620 Build


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Figured I may as well start a thread to document the progress on the 620. 2 years ago I pulled a turbo kit off a running KA24E 620. Well, last week, I bought this same truck. P.O has claims of no spark, after looking under the hood, it's no surprise. So my first goal is to get it to fire over, then once I know the motor isn't junk, I'll begin to strip the engine bay and do a full wire tuck along with paint etc etc. Then the rest of the truck will get done. Here's a couple motor pics:


The Mess




So the wiring harness is plugged to the 240 coil, so I use the 240 coil? Haha.



Relays? What relays? Properly running a harness? Psh screw that!



So yea, here goes the start of a new project!

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Integra has a b18b swap. I/H/E, PNP Head, innovative mounts, SPFab 2'' radiator, CRX Si Steering rack, 4'' drop, some other goodies.


P.S If you need parts for your DA LMK I got a ton of stuff I'm selling off right now

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The wiring mess like that has to be from a truck. The 240sx has it's own seperate and small harness running from the ECU to the motor and all sensors. You only have to cut 3-4 wires to the rest of the car. Give me the ECU number I can look it up. The best ones are from the automatic and don't have the rev limiter that the 5 speed has.

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wow, what a mess. Id find yourself a cheapo 240 harness and a #11 ecu (auto). If you want a M/T ecu I have one, i think i paid like 25 bucks for it, never used it, was told to just get an 11.


edit, that valve cover is from the 240 as far as I can tell, hardbodies valve cover is alittle different, note the breather on the valve cover (ignore the fact mines are ground down) oh and my harness isnt quite done in the picture, as you can tell nothing is plugged in.



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Well here's the thing. When I pulled the harness off the motor, it was it's own seperate thing from the cab harness minus a few wires. But the wiring was such a freakin hack job it was unbelievable.


The harness and ECU already went to the dumpster haha.


The body harness was spliced into the new junk fuse box and to some other "added" stuff. The alternator was wired through the 620 harness as were a couple wires going to the starter. But get this, the weren't stock harness plugs to the alternator. They cut the plugs off, crimped on connectors, and then plug the wires in 1 by one. WTF.



Sigh. So that went to the dumpster as well.


I personally don't care about what was/is on the truck currently. I'm re-doing it all. The motor and tranny comes out this weekend for a rebuild.


I'll get pics of the actual truck if I can trek through the mud to take some in the morning. Stupid rain/snow makes for not being able to wrench.

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Driving to ABQ on Monday to get a wiring harness, a ported and polished intake manifold, and an auto ECU (as recommended). Gonna try to head the You Pull It for a front end harness while I'm at it.


keep us updated :D

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Motor comes out in the morning. Hopefully the pistons rods and crank will be seperated and all parts will be bagged before I go to abq on monday.


Worst 3 hour drive, period. I always thought the drive from whichita falls to amarillo was bad. Yea, that drive doesn't even compare to the boring-ness of roswell to abq.

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Here's the mounts. Yea, those little weld spots you can see are the only things holding them on. :blink: I can moved them with my hands. Imagine the torque of a turbo KA on them. Def fixing the mounting issue.





:unsure: :unsure: thaaaaaaats just scary

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