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Goon with flared fenders

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That's the one. That Goon is wicked.


Funny story: My girlfriend and I were coming back from California last spring, and this thing rolls by as we're coming up through S. Oregon. I just about shat. Told her to speed up so I could snap some pics on my phone. After a while, my girlfriend noticed I had stopped talking to her and was in some sort of weird trance(probably drooling all over myself), she backed off and put some distance between us and it.. the thing is mesmerizing. Find out later that it's somewhat of a Legend in the Datsun community. Small world.

Still got the pics on my phone :cool:

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Anthony's wagon is sick, but he'll be the first one to tell you the flares are hacked. They don't fit quite right, but from 10 feet away it doesn't matter.


Watched it at Thunderhill years back, before he did a lot more engine work to it. The car sends chills up your spine when it rips down the straightaway blowing past all the Z's. You can just hear the turbo sucking in the surrounding atmosphere.

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