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My 521 wheels


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These are some of the wheels I have for my 521 pickups. I actually have four spoked wheels, two of them were on a project truck when I took this picture.


I also have a bunch of stock wheels.


I took them down to the local tire store, and had the tires taken off them, and then they went to a sandblasting shop near where I live.

I signed up for an autobody class at the local community college, and painted the wheels. The pictures are the wheels sitting in the sun, and waiting for the paint to cure.





It is hard to tell, but I have 8 stock wheels, and four spoked wheels painted. I could not get all the painted wheels in one picture, so there is a lot of overlap in the pictures.


The wheels were sandblasted, and then primered with PPG DPLF primer, and then I switched brands, and used some Dupont Centari, 817 White, with hardner.

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The Spoked wheels are made by Dukes, a company that is probably not around anymore. I got them from a small shop in Oak Grove, Oregon, that was selling truck and minitruck accessories "in the day". That shop in now the home to Rick's cylinder head.

The wheels were sandblasted at Quality Sandblast in Clackamas, Oregon. Their phome number is (503)722-2335. If I remember correctly, they charged me $15.00 a wheel.

Clackamas Community College in Oregon city offers weekend "Auto restoration" classes. You get access to the auto body shop, and the paint booths, and you have an expert instructor there to help you also.

I painted the wheels up there.

To paint the wheels, I layed them flat, on clean paper in the booth. I set them on three small sticks, about 120 degrees apart, and painted the back side, and after the back side set a little, I turned the wheels over and painted the front side. That way, after the last coat of paint was on the wheels, I could let then sit, with out having to move them, until the paint had set, but not cured.

Wheels are not the easiest thing to spray paint. On the Datsun wheels, it was hard getting enough paint into the bottom of the notches where they are welded together.

The spoked wheels were very difficult, I had to spray the edges of the spokes first, with out putting to much paint on the flat part of the spokes, or the rim, causing runs. I still had to sand a few runs out of them.

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