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What '02 datsun??

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DatsunHistory.com is usually pretty good. But considering the lack of details on this one, I find it suspect:

* A specific country is not mentioned

* A "dealer" sent it to him (making it hearsay)

* Nissan Lander was a show car, not a production vehicle

* One of the photos is from Velocity, a wheel company

* I can clearly see a Nissan emblem on one of them

* One is mispelled "Nirvana"

* None of the graphics have Datsun on the car, or in the photo it is superimposed on top or to the side.


On the other hand it could be all true. I just have doubts.

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Everything I saw in Iraq was Nissan, was tempted to try and get to the Nissan dealership in Fallujah for the hell of it, couldn't convince the convoy to stop though. lol.

LOL! I wonder why not. Some folks just aren't reasonable I suppose.

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Where is the new Nissan Axcess still sold as a Datsun? Sounds like another rumour.


My bad! Checked with my son in Afghanistan. Still being sold as a proper Nissan Patrol [all Patrols are Nissan].


In Japan the D21 and D22 were marketed not as the Hardbody, but as a Nissan "Datsun Pickup".



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I wonder what the chances would be of finding some of the hard to find NOS parts at the local dealer from another country.
About the same as here. Nissan Japan has a few parts that Nissan USA has run out of. Same for Nissan parts in Europe. Nissan South Africa will see you brand new parts, even new 5-speed for A-series engine, fits a 1980 Datsun 210. Nissan Malaysia has brand new A15 engines.
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