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FFF show So Cal March 14th

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Ok So cal people the 1st big show of the year is coming up on March 14th @ the Lake perris fairgrounds. A few of the Ratsun & SWDP guys showed last year & had a good time. Heres the flyer...........


We could meet again @ the Farmer boys @ dark-thirty in the AM :D Who's in ?

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I will make the trip once again.... looking forward to it.


Last year was fun.... hopefully we get more sun this year.


Last year was when I met ya for the first time. And now we can't get rid of you. :lol: J/K

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I would call the # on the bottom of the flyer & talk to Brian.

Honestly other than saving a few bucks i say it's worth it to roll in on sunday. That way we can all show together.


sound good so i'll meet you all on sunday i'look for the address if you post it thanks

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Lat year we met @ the farmer boys at around 7am. Its on the right hand side of the street going East on Ramona expressway. From there the show is just a few miles down the road.


We should meet across the street at Mc D's remember last year it was dark and hard to find. farmer boy wasen't open yet. Just a thought.

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