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  1. Let me know if need something from my website www.dapsupply.net. I can take windshield if is paid let me know
  2. I'm looking dash pad for Datsun 520/521 let me know if you have please send some pictures
  3. If anyone need 520/521 windshield let me know. I won't take any windshield at less you pay for it http://m.dapsupply.net/products/comming-soon-datsun-520-521-front-windshield/
  4. Do u still have a flexplate , I need one for a 77 620

    1. jagman


      I have a flex plate for an 86 720.  I have no idea if they interchange.

    2. NICOYA


      Sorry for the delay and sorry I don't have any flex plate

    3. Lonewolf1990


      Damn ok thanks tho 😬

  5. If any body need front windshield for Datsun 520/521, 510, 620 or for any datsun if I have it. I can take it with me and you pickup at eaglerock. but you have to pay for it 400.00 ea. for Datsun 520/521 160.00 ea for Datsun 510 125.00 ea for Datsun 620 www.dapsupply.net
  6. See you next month. 5% discount if order part from the website and on the event www.dapsupply.net let me know if need any windshield so I can take it with me
  7. Yes sir i'll be there and is going to be Special for you for been my 1st customer
  8. Have everything ready for Canby. if need something to take with me you know what to do.
  9. I'm out right now but I will have it in about 3 or 4 week. its too late for you? please let me know if you still interested. Thank you and sorry for the delay
  10. i can take the 620 windshield with me. if interested buy 2 for 200.00 https://www.dapsupply.net/products/datsun-620-front-windshield-special-price-ends-on-6-30-17/
  11. this is my first time going to Canby and i will take weather strip for 510, some of the 620 and 520/521 if need something let me know in advance. At www.dapsupply.net I can take windshield if you pay it in advance . Please let me know what you need Thank you NICOYA - DAPS
  12. I'll be attend to this event for the first time and i'll be taken Weather seals For Datsun 510. if need something else from my website you can buy it and i'll take it with me, i'll refund 6% of the total price Please Check my website at www.dapsupply.net Thank you
  13. I have this one http://m.dapsupply.net/products/front-left-door-window-glass-datsun-510-2dr/
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