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Goon Spring Bushings?

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Looking at removing the rear axle for some seal maintenance and I figured on replacing the spring and hanger bushings while I'm at it. Problem is, I can't seem to find a specific application for them in ether urethane or rubber. Where can I find them or what other applications have been found to work?




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Here are the numbers I found ... from my previous searching they are NLA ... but if you do find them please let me know so I can get a complete set too!!!







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Yup, found the same P/Ns as dryheat and at the same time, go figure :blink:

Here are the other applications for those P/Ns.


P/N 55045-22900, Spring, front bushing

Fits 510 wagon (68-73), 610 wagon (73-76), 710 wagon (74-77) , 810 wagon (77-80) & A10 (79-81, HL510 wagon)


P/N 55047-22900, Spring, rear bushing

Fits 510 wagon (68-73), 610 wagon (73-76), 710 wagon & sedan (74-77) , 810 wagon (77-80) & 910 (81-84 Maxima w/live axle)


P/N 55046-22900, Chassis, upper shackle bushing

510 wagon (68-73), 610 wagon (73-76), 710 wagon & sedan (74-77) , 810 wagon (77-80) & A10 (79-81, HL510 wagon)

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I am trying to do an order now but just waiting to get a email or call back. I would not go urethane as it is noisy. makes the car sound like junk. I do have a local guy to me that has a set in delrin.I have to get a hold of him again to see if he still has it. will keep all posted

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P/N 55046-22900, Chassis, upper shackle bushing

510 wagon (68-73), 610 wagon (73-76), 710 wagon & sedan (74-77) , 810 wagon (77-80) & A10 (79-81, HL510 wagon)


this was the only NOS i could not find.

GL finding the others now...


something aftermarket should be easy to mod...




what about the rubber mount for the leafs to the axle? ive heard that the roadster P/N is the same???

anybody have that #???

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DIY with urethane? Can get the 2 part kind or that window stuff at the auto parts store.


Quick search on google and found this guys. He did a pretty good job i thinks.



I've also seen people use cups, or cardboard to make molds and came out okay.

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I just did my order for the bushings and will let you all know if they are the real deal with pics when I get them. I was only able to get the front and rear leaf bushings and was not able to get the chassis bushings. I am working on that. more to come. I am also heading to japan next month again and will look at a couple of places there as I see some places out there I have been able to get some items as well as lowering blocks with the correct u bolt length. I think they are pricey at about 100.00 a set.

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update. well finally got to work on the wagon on christmas day and found out the rear lower spring bushings could work on the upper chassis mount. The only difference is the chassis bushings are a bit longer than the lowers but it does work. on my car the old bushings were not in bad shape but can tell the durometer from old to new was softer so this change should make handling a bit better due to less deflection. you can see pics on flickr site under benzo510 or myspace under garagelife.

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