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I am stupid...... please help Me!!!


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OK, I have always been into 620s (since 1974) and have very little knowledge on 510s. I did not even know about pop out rear windows until a few months ago when seeing them at JCCS. Anyway, Mark's "goon purchase" has increased My interest. I have located a two door 510. I know that the first year (1968??) had a different dash and such. Before i go to look at this car, what should I be looking for? Price ranges? Common rust areas? If it doesn't have an engine, that is OK. I would more than likely go with something different. Thanks!!!

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For a 68 model you want to make sure that as little as possible is broken or missing. Parts for the 68's are the hardest to find, but don't let that discourage you, just make sure everything is there. The tail lights are specific to that year, so it's best if those are in decent shape. Side markers are also different than the more common 70-73 models. Dash is different, so make sure it's all there.


As mentioned above, common rust areas are floorboards, rockers, and rear quarters just behind the tire.


Prices vary WIDELY, and can't really give a good estimate without decent pics. A rolling shell would probably only be a few hundred, unless for some reason the body is immaculate. A decent driver anywhere from $1500 to $3500. A very nice driver with a clean engine bay probably $4000 to $5000, and an immaculate one with and engine swap goes up from there.

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hey can one of you guys post up pictures of the 2 different dash styles, my grandpa has a 510 4 door that i could have in 5 minutes all i have to do is go get it but the only thing is he bought it to fix about 20 years ago and it has no motor (i already have the motor for it :rolleyes:) and its been sitting forever!!!, it actually doesnt look tooo bad and i will probably end up getting it but i dont have a place to put it right now, i have no way to tell the year because its piled under a bunch shit so i can barely get like the drivers door open, it does have rust but it could be fixed with a little tlc, but the reason i need the dash pics is because i think its a real early model, whats the deal with the early models anyways? i know alot of you dime guys drool over 68's and such, did they just not make many of them or what?

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personaly, i know all the old school 510 guys think this way too, the 68 and 69s are NOT the ones to have the dashes where ugly the 68 tail lights where ugly idk just my 2cent... i remeber people used to do dash swaps and tail light panel swaps to make them look like later 510s. 71-73 is the best 510 that i would "drool over"... but i have seen some very nice 69s in the past year that made me change my mind

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yep thats the dash, i guess that means its a 68!! if i remember right the cars dash is in pretty decent shape, hell if i dont ever get around to fixing the car maybe i will part it to fix my 620

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