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Suggestions for reviving 520/411 dash plastic?


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I've just started redoing the dash on my 411. I'm recovering the soft parts with new vinyl. I've disassembled and cleaned the gauge cluster so the gauges look sharp and clear.


The dully-grey gauge cluster housing is going to look real out of place when I'm done, though. I was thinking about painting it with black vinyl/upholstery paint, which I've had good luck with in the past.


Just wondering if anyone else had tackled this and had any suggestions. My search attempts didn't yield anything relevant. (Except the LED bulb upgrade.)





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The other day in OSH [Orchard Supply Hardware] I saw a spray paint, can't remember the brand, made for repainting garden and patio plastic chairs and tables. "Guaranteed" to cover and bond to the base plastic without scraping or sanding. Might be worth a try. Direct sunlight is a real pain on the gauge cluster housing, hat's why I toss an old towel over it if I have to park in the open for longer than a day.

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Supposedly the plastic "fusion" paint works pretty well, never tried it myself though.

At the least it would preserve the surface graining since no sanding is theoretically required. A smooth instrument cluster housing in the middle of all that pleather [wallaby was the pattern as I recall] would look odd.

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Great it is on the top shelf of my closet.:lol:


Actually I think it should hold up pretty good as it seems to have bonded real well. All I did to prep it was was it real well in warm water and Dawn dish washing soap and let it dry real good.


Krylon has a wide selection of colors in the Fusion line. Sprayed nice, took several coats to cover the black up.

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