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Nintendo Wii mod

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Well, I constantly go out to the garage an find myself standing around looking for something to do on my project. Im kinda at point where patience is the only thing I can do..Im in the middle of the swap, got the fuel system in, the LSD in, and most of the nic nac crap done. So since I was waiting around for more money and parts, I was messing around on the computer with a SD car, and learned how to put the right files on it to Mod my wii. Now I can play NES, SNES and 64 games free on my WII. Its pretty cool, I cant believe the games I used to play use to be entertaining ha ha the graphics are just retarded :) I even played a old school SNES game from apan called drift. Well I kinda played it I couldnt understand the Japanesse writing ha ha

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SRSANDS- With the Wii softmod you can also play backups of original Wii games with the "homebrew channel" and "backup loader". Games must first be patched so that there is no firmware update.


jefe de jefes- Dreamcast just had it's 10th anniversary. It is one of my favorite systems of all time. If you have an emulator disc, you must be aware that you can burn and play dreamcast games without modding. Sega kinda messed up on that one....

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have the modded xbox


i have 75 games on there right now, 250gig hdd. room for more games



I have about 400 movies on my computer, i hooked the xbox up on the network and can watch the movies on the xbox with XBMC. Its nice :D Can go anywhere in the house where there is tv/internet and hook up the xbox and watch movies. Saves me from having to burn a dvd.

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No way? thats intense!


I know they are really starting to get pissed off I guess lol. Hackers are making it too easy to pirate shit, my friends mom does it. It brings too much attention.

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Emulators are cool, I could play marvel vs capcom or metal slug etc all day....


I wanted to build an arcade using an old computer/flat screen etc but have yet to get around to it.



But I was thinking more throw back like taking a classic style one and chopping the back foot off it since a flat screen and comp would be used. You could have a full size one with out having to take up all the space. Would be like a grandfather clock or some such space wise.

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