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What to do? Turbo Lexus but love my Datsun

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I'm posting this thought in a couple of the Datsun forums. Now I know this is a Datsun forum and not a Lexus/Toyota forum but I know ya'll can help. I have a SC300 with all the goods and making about 730 HP at high boost as my daily driver. I also have a 1972 240Z with a 383 stroker in it. Both cars run good but I find myself liking the old Z alot. Keep in mind I am married and have two kids. K... So I really want to build a couple of 510 or at least one sedan but I can't do it unless I sell the Lexus.(If I do sell the Lexus I'm going to build the sedan as the daily driver.) The thing I really like about the old Datsun is that they get smiles all over town and really are pretty cheap to build. Don't get me wrong, the Lexus is a monster and a very cool car. So what do ya'll think? Lexus or a couple Datsun 510 builds?

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Somebody gives you $50,000 to build a 510, what do you do?
I would like to get your guys opinion on swapping a 2006 cobalt ss 2.0 supercharged motor into a 71 datsun 510 2 dr that i have. ...... I would like to hear your thoughts/opinions on this, here's what im thinking so far:
I was just thinking what it would take to get a 510 to 1500lbs with motor and everything. Start out with a 2 dr, completely gut it with only race essentials, then do a complete carbon fiber body and lightweight aluminum wheels, and what would be the lightest engine we could throw in there that would make 300hp?


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I'll post some pics. tomorrow. I'm at work right now. The Lexus has the boost controler turned off and makes about 18 lbs. through a 73 mm turbo. Like that it makes about 500 but with race gas she dyno at 730 or so with 32 lbs. I'll post some pictures of both cars.

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So I click on "Go Advanced" link so I can add some pictures and it does not work. It asks me to click on a quote link in the thread but that still does not give me the option to add pictures. Is the forum having problems or am I just loooooossssstttt? Thanks...:confused:

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