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WTB: 5 speed Shiter

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Guest DatsuNoob

Believe so. The 720 shifters seem to work out pretty well. Shorter than a 620 shifter, and they have both small and large dia thread patterns tapped onto them for almost any shift knob. Zuum510 showed me how they can be made to flip the eye mounting point at the end to accomodate different transmissions. Should work for any non-monkey motion style trans. That's what I got, only costed around $6 I think at the local yard.

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Having just changed the transmission in my racecar I found out a couple unique things about the shifters and pins on "B" type transmissions as I was looking thru my spare parts.


There are at least 2 different shifter lengths from the pivot point to the ball/plastic socket that goes into the shift rod within the tailshaft. I'm guessing but the later "B" transmissions having the taller "ears" with a higher pivot pin location used the longer pivot to ball shifters. My 63 series dogleg has the shorter pivot mount but both the short and long (pivot to ball) shifters will fit. The long pivot to ball shifter gives a slightly shorter shifter throw.


Next, the pivot pins with the "E" clip retainer may still be available from Nissan (I ordered a couple about a year ago). The 60 series transmission (210's) used a pin that had shoulder and nut. The original transmission in my racecar had one of these; I'd never seen one before. These, IMO are better because I've had problems with the "E" clip falling off, but I do not know if they are still available.


Here is a link to Datsun1200.com discussing gear control levers; it may be of some help.



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Another quick note.


It appears that all the "B" type transmission shifters will fit any "B" transmission regardless of the series (56, 60, 63 or 71) as long as it has the short pivot point height. I know I've installed a truck "71 series" 5 speed shifters into a "56 series" 4 speed and they fit into the transmission with no problem.

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Here is the shifter bushings and spring from an '80 or newer FS5W71B. You can see that there is a lot more plastic so they don't wear out nearly as fast. They are used with the tall shifter 'ears' and this moves the fulcrum further from the tranny thus shortening the shift. (less hand movement/more linkage movement.




If the two plastic pieces and the spring are installed upside down like above...




... it (the shifter) can be used in the pre '80s trannys. It will shorten the fulcrum distance to that of the older style. You loose the short throw but gain the better wearing bushings and shorter shifter length.



Shitting tips:

Never force a shit, it should be natural and easy with minimal effort allowing time for internals to synchronize.

Hard shitting could be caused by lack of (dry) or poor lubrication so check your oil level.

Age can dry out the rear seal and cause leakage characterized by wet spots at rear near base of drive shaft.

Synthetic oil can make a rear leak worse leading to lack of lubrication during shits.

Avoid down shitting, it's not needed and only causes un-necessary internal stress.

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