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  1. I am planning on going to tow my trailer of parts. Anyone need a 2 door 510 roof. I cut one off a parts car. Straight no sunroof no rust I will bring it
  2. SOLD *******ForSale Left Rear Quarter Panel*******SOLD I can cut any part of this you would like if you don't want the whole thing The Price is $ 80.00 + Shipping I will take things in Trade - PM me with what you have and we can see? The part is boxed and ready to ship - you figure out how you want it shipped It is 16 LBs - 26 in wide / 44 in long / 10 deep It will be expensive to ship - I would much rather to have someone pick it up For shipping I live in Zip code 95901
  3. If anyone is interested https://www.salvageworld.net/salvage-auction/1971-NISSAN-DATSON/28967422/FAIRFIELD-CA
  4. What is the P/N to the harmonic Balancer - thanks
  5. I have 4 of them - Marysville Ca 95901
  6. I found this site and just love to look at the classics on the site - thought I would share the site for other Ratsun Members - Enjoy The Ride ! exchange.goo-net.com
  7. Soon - I have done a little bit - I will get some more done soon - I've take pictures soon as I have more I will post - just been busy - Steve
  8. Which one ? Can you give more detail ? I have some - but let me which one. Where in CA
  9. - update - have welded up the back of all the letters and the license plate = will start cleaning it up next = more later
  10. I haven't had a chance - will do it in the morning and get it to you
  11. I have a set of 13 x 8 I am sure - it is raining right now but will get pictures to you soon - they are alum - but will send you a picture - Steve
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