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high beams dont work


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that wont help if power isn't getting to the lights


Neither does that...



lets clarify... You actually have 4 high beams. The outside lights are high/low, the inside lights are high only. So are you saying you have NO high beams? Or no inner high beams? If you flip the high beams on and the outside lights stay on you DO have high beams, and in that case the harness I mentioned WILL HELP.

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Hit them with a BFH. That always solves problems.


Not really.

Use a multimeter/test light to make sure you're getting power to them, if not check the fuses and the switch on the stalk. Then go from there.


If you're getting power, going with relay's is the way to go. If you're really feeling frisky you can do like I did with my Z and make a harness in about 1-2 hours installed.

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usually its the relay near the fuse box by the strut tower. unless both lamps blow the element.


simple take test light. ground alligator end. take pointy end and put to back of the highbeam lamp on both sides. The Test light should light up. Then its a ground proplem back to the relay..


On 510s the power is already hooked up thru the fuse box. the switch or highbeam switch triggers the relay to put a ground on the circut to complete it.



Dtto510 his HIGHS did not work and he took apart the realy and cleaned the contacks and it worked.


Unless the wires are changed from switchable grount to switacble power this is a ez fix

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I know this may sound strange, BUT...My 720 had high beam problems and what fixed it was moving the lights around to different "sockets" :o I had a couple Halogen headlights, and had one of them one on the inside of the pair, and one on the outside of the pair. I put BOTH as the outside lamps, and had the regular old Koito lamps on the inside, and now I have regular lamps AND highbeams. Just swapping the lamps around seemed to fix it for whatever reason.


I'm not sure why this worked, but it did work. Before I did this, I had only regular beams, and when I put on high beams, the regulars went out and the inside lamps were on.


Just one of those weird Datsun wiring issues, I guess :lol:


I have a running light that isn't working with a new bulb in there. I'll have to try sanding out the small contacts in the lamp.

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ok, so i went and bought a new flasher..... my blinkers work.... yay..... but my hazards dont.. and when i turn on the hazards, my blinkers dont work...... another bad relay? or bad hazard switch? tried two different switches...... both with same results

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You have turn signals but no hazard flashers. Swap the hazard and the turn signal units. If the problem changes to no signals but now you have hazard lights then the hazard unit is bad... replace it. Also work the hazard switch on/off/on/off to rub the internal contacts clean.

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so, i didnt even have a hazard relay.... i picked on up at the big johnson swap meet..... tested it, and the relay works..... tried two different hazard switches.... and still nothing....... i have blinkers, but whe you pull out hazard switch........ blinkers stop.. and no hazards :( i tried using jumpers to trigger them and that didnt seem to work either

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