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Striped cab

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What pics do ya want?.....Ill snap some since its apart


Well, the idea of a body drop has crossed my mind several times, So just random pics that might help the next person with their build.;) What areas were the cuts made at? Firewall? Core sopport mounts? Radiator clearance?

I already have an idea for the bed.:D

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Im 5 11 so its a close fit....


on a good note the steering wheel came in today




Where is the other half? :lol:


That will look good on your mean ass truck.

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nice to see someone running some jl in their datsun, i have 2 12w3v3's and a 500/1v2 in my 04 silverado and i just installed 2 13w3v3's and a 1000/1v2, and a custom box tuned to 27 hertz in my friends grand am, shit thumps, i am interested to see more!!!!!

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Old, I like how you put the gauges in the wiper switch and cig lighter spots. Where did you relocate the wiper switch?


I didnt....I just got rid of it,Then I screwed the wiper arm brackets in place.I covered the window in rain x but if it looks like its gonna rain....the truck stays at home...or its trailered to a show.

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