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tv show "Made in America"

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i just saw this episode finally made it to youtube. they did a show on my place of work a while back. i thought i would share the video if anyone is interested in that type of stuff. i work in engineering/r&d here so i mainly work on the computer designing and setup the chairs for testing.


heres what we make




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now that would be a very rewarding job. my hats off to you guys. my grandmother was in a wheel chair and i was the one lugging that big heavy thing in and out of my cars. so i understand how something like that needs to be easy to dissassemble and whatnot for transport.



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I was wating for him to yell out "NORM" everytime I see John I think he might do it.


That's some really good stuff. I like the part when the girl was sandblasting the frame and the white sparks flying off the TI.


Like twisted said has to be a great place to work. :cool:

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Ever thought about slapping a go-cart engine in there? Its dangerous, but your already in a wheelchair... sorry, that was uncalled for.

never thought about that. would be alot like a powered barstool.


it must feel great to know ,,at the end of the day ,, you actually made someones life better,,that look to be a great company to work for..

is does feel great to know that. the company cares a lot about the input we get from customers and i spend a lot of my time designing ways to make the chairs better and easier to use. its crazy the amount of thank you emails from customers talking about how much more they are able to do after getting one of our chairs.


Let's see a Ratsun-style version of that chair ...

how about a powdercoated matte black one? yeah, that chair in that first picture is more expensive than probably 95% of the vehicles on this site. it is a limited production 10th anniversary chair. there is a lot of crazy details on it like the graphics polished into it.



Truly a noble job. It must be great to be doing something rewarding and fulfilling. The girl at the end is a real trooper, no feeling sorry for herself there.

yeah its great the amount of things shes able to do. she competes in the worldwide paraolympics every year. another guy thats pretty famous that ive met a few times from working here is mark zupan. some of you may have seen him riding the rocket powered wheelchair on jackass 2. he is also on nitro circus a lot.

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