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VG30DE motor and trans

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Price:$100.00 O.B.O

Item Description

We have a VG30DE motorset with a 5spd tranmission. We pulled it out of a running 300zx. It ran all the way to the wreck. It was intended for a 510 project but we offed the the shell and everything. Now it's just taking up room and we need it gone!!!!


Any questions just ask.

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How bad was it damaged in the wreck? (which I'm guessing it was, since it's $100)


The car was totalled NOT THE ENGINE!!! We ran the engine before we pulled it. It's $100 bucks cause it is taking up room which in our house is much more valuable then an engine we no longer have use for.


Just cause something is cheap doesnt mean it dont run. I'll get pictures of it when I get a minute.

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IMO people are asking wayyyy too many questions for a 100 dollar complete set. Let the compression be blown in all the cylinders... 100 bucks? come on the tranny is worth 3 times the asking price!!

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If i could swap this into my 320 i probably would . how many miles.did you do compression test. what did it come out of .looking forward to seeing pics


I do not remember how many miles were n the car when it came out. It came out of a 300z that was rearended. We did run it before we pulled it but I do not have a comp test. I suppose if I get the time I can hook up power to a starter and see if I can get some comp tests for you, I have a bit of a F***ed schedule right now but I'll try.

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