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    72 datsun 510 4 door, 72 2 door 510
  1. RisingSon

    f/s 510 parts van bc

    You still have the harness?
  2. RisingSon

    f/s 510 parts van bc

    You still have the harness?
  3. RisingSon

    69 510 parts in Santa Rosa

    How much for the whole rear cross member and trailing arms shipped?
  4. RisingSon

    510 Rear Suspension Crossmember Needed!

    Yea thanks. I work 12 hour days so sometimes my mind seems to be a bit fried.
  5. RisingSon

    510 Rear Suspension Crossmember Needed!

    Rear suspension.
  6. So I Have my datsun stored over at a freinds house and decided the other day that I was now capable (money wise) to begin fixing her up. Well when I got there I cleaned out the area to get the front and rear crossmembers back on and well I geuss someone decided they wanted my rear crossmember more! It puts a damper on my plans and so far have not been able to find another on here or craigslist. If anyone has one locally let me know Price and if you are willing to sell. It would be greatly appreciated.
  7. RisingSon

    New Bolts/Nuts for rear crossmember?

    Problem Is I dont have them the shell and other parts have been in storage for awhile and somehow missplaced the bolts/nuts for both my front and rear. So I figured I would either buy them new or I would have to find some used ones and then buy them new.
  8. Well I was just curious on what the thread pattern and bolt sizes were for the rear crossmember/mustash bar (Mounting wise). I would like to just replace them all if possible but have not found any info online or even just a kit. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. RisingSon

    "The Bad 510"?

    called too....^^^^^^^pretty much what I thought... :blink:
  10. RisingSon

    Parting out whole car!

    PM sent!
  11. RisingSon

    70 4dr and 71 2dr Project

    What shape is the driver side Quarter panel in? In dire need of a replacement! :(
  12. RisingSon


    You still have that cable? cause if you do, even if you dont want the head, I need that....
  13. RisingSon


    I was just looking for some pics of some applied to the dime though...just trying to come up with some Ideas.... Oh yea found the cams and towers, also cleaned it up quite a bit too...if still interested, goin to scrap friday.
  14. RisingSon


    Wondering/looking for what there is out there for mirrors(other then stock) for the 510. I found these http://www.aprperformance.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=91&Itemid=51 and think the the spider or rx-7 ones may work/look good. Any other suggestions?

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