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room mates 74 Lil' Hustler


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so here are the pics of my room mates "new" 74 Lil Hustler... He will more than likely be setting up his own account soon enough ( since i keep bugging him about it) however until then here are these pics..






and here is the picture of the sweet patch from the glovebox....


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It works great!

Kinda pricey, but worth it.

I painted it onto my floorboards, 2 coats in 2 days, then patched the only bad hole with some tar tape, put my original floormats in and it's good as new.

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^So it really works?

I was thinking about getting some aerosol converter (from eastwood) to use on my holy floor.


Holy Datsun Floor,

you've been sticking your feet down to the road.

Oh what become of your shoes,


Ride the yellow line

Look thru the holes to see the road,

oh don't you see the daylight


oh, lol got on a tangit here for a moment.

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thanks for all the info guys we picked up some stuff yesterday for the floors and now the lil hustler is lowered body work done and first coat of primer done.... tomorrow i will take pics and post them and we should have it back to stock datsun 102 paint by tomorrow evening.....

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yeah sanded it and did alot of body work... and then primed and painted it and the grill that was painted silver got taken off so this one could go on now this grill is flat black to match the rising sun on the hood... and all the front chrome is all polished up now as well....

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