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Guest jaimesix

Perhaps he did not mean wrong, could be an asian Datsun fan trying to write in here with his computer with asian characters.


Something like when I go into yahoo Japan, my PC has no program to display Japanese. If I write anything at that site, it would probably look like unreadable stuff to them too.



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It's gotta be spam. That userID and those links are spread all over hundreds of web boards- car boards, health boards, sports boards, gardening boards, etc.


There's a small but growing spam ring that hires low-paid people to sign up for web boards manually to circumvent the CAPTCHA bot-stoppers. Once they have a "live" ID they can spam away with a bot.

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Thread should actually be deleted by a mod or admin before a google bot picks it up and we get hammered with lots more of it , and even get black listed for spammers ...


After all , if they can google the thread title and Ratsun comes up ... bammo ! !


Just my opininion ...

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whats the population of Adelaide.. :confused:


was checking ur profile out, howed you do this


oqɹnʇ nɹɥʇ ʍɐɹp

sss 016 unsʇɐp


lol that cool chit, ha ha

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