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240Z Accident

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:( so sad... he was only 27


I don't know any younger folks who drive Z's. The speaker is an issue but the main problem is people driving large vehicles and not paying attention! Another 'company truck' hits a small sports car and totals it. Same thing happened to my sister. Some idiot in a company pickup totaled her Mustang because they weren't paying attention. Luckily her and her friend were not seriously injured. I'd like to break the neck of that guy driving the truck.

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I have a problem with the word sucks. It seems like it has fallen into common usage lately. I remember hearing it used like "That sucks Donkey Dxxxs" or for some thing worse, "That sucks Elephant Dxxxs". It's probably just my own perverse little mind, but the connotation of sucking just weirds me out.


Three years ago in July we drove down to the end of our street and stopped at a red light. When the light went green she eased out into the intersection and a 16 year old in a big SUV ran it at about fifty MPH, T-boned out car and totalled it. Her back was broken and I had busted ribs and neck/back problems.


When my girlfriend and all her friends started to use "that sucks" all the time, I said, I have a better idea.


What is air pressure at sea level? 273 pounds per square inch? I don't remember. When they used to have turbos in F1 and Indy car racing they talked about boost in terms of Bar. So, isn't one Bar equal to barometric pressure at sea level. Some of those '80s cars ran like ten or twelve bar of boost.


I told my girlfriend, when some thing sucks, it's like a lower pressure trying to equalize. How much lower the pressure is could be quantified like positive pressure. So, if something sucks like you dropped your cell phone, It could be rated at negative one bar. If somebody dents your door in a parking lot, that could be a couple negative bar.


This poor guy in the Z car, was just like us... minding his own business, in the wrong place, wrong time. Our deal only sucked about minus ten bar, because we are more or less recovered. The poor Z pilot's deal sucks about twenty-five bar.


I have struggled with this accident thing to the point where my doctor said I'm suffering from PTSD. People said, "That sucks, but you are lucky to be alive!" I guess... we coulda been snuffed in a heart beat if we would have been a faction of a second slower or faster into the intersection. As it was he hit the B piller and it absorbed the impact into the frame and wadded the car up. Gee, if we were lucky we would have had another sip of coffee and been two seconds later... never would have known the kid existed in this universe.


When we were laid up, we didn't have much choice but to watch a lot of TV. The first time that VW commercial came on where the two guys are driving along talking and just as you are wondering what is this all about, a car backs out of a drive way and "BAM", the get nailed. :eek: Our bodies both jerked about a foot out of bed involuntarily. God, that hurt. It happened again about a week later when we were watching a DVD. It was a comedy and there is a scene where there is a car crash out of the blue.


Is this Z car guy lucky that he is alive, or seriously unlucky, period. I don't have that sorted out yet.

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Air pressure at sea level is 14.7 lbs per square inch.


One Bar is equal to .98693 atmospheres or 14.50lbs /sq inch.


Ten Bar of boost would be 147 lbs / sq in. Hope they had big inter-coolers.


Yes it's tragic, but he left the speaker unmounted. Have to ask, how did it hit his neck if there was a head rest on the seat? Also loose or mounted, if the rear of the car is crushed forward into the seat and snaps your neck, it wouldn't matter if it was mounted or not!

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from the Z car club of WA


Yes' date=' He is the music pastor for Westminster chapel's Forum ministry and a good

friend of my brother, as a matter of fact my brother and I sold him that 240z

less than a year ago and helped in the restoration process to get it to the

point of a good daily driver. It had only been being driven for the last 2

months and he was extremely pleased with the car. I have been to the hospital

and talked to him and though he remains in good spirits I would ask for prayer

as the doctor's have been telling him that he will never walk again :(

God Bless,

Matt Guenther[/quote']

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