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  1. I've got one- shoot me a pm. I snap some photos later.
  2. Rock auto of all places....
  3. I'll have to check that set up out. I'm pretty committed to this one but always curious
  4. demo243

    Weber 40 DCOM

    Sometimes you just gotta be different or run what you got. Funny thing is I brought my dcom to an alpha specific repair shop and they didn't know anything about em
  5. demo243

    Weber 40 DCOM

    Didn't have a problem with em, but I never dealt with re jetting them , I've heard it can be harder to get jets... But also heard they are the same. I was told the diaphragm pump was actually better I got rebuild kits for them from Pierce manifolds I actually still have them and need to sell em. One has a broken mounting ear... But the other is good. Just a needs a rebuild, but I've got two fresh rebuild kits
  6. demo243

    Weber 40 DCOM

    I had a pair of dcom s on my l20b mounted on a mikuni manifold.
  7. Yea pretty stoked on how it came out- not perfect... But only cost me about 20 bucks to make the dash it's self so no complaints Can't wait to get em all hooked up and see em glow
  8. Gauges came --- STOKED!!!!!!!!
  9. Not too much to update on... spent most of the afternoon with a spray can... Dash painted Black and Bronze is just such a good look Also started looking into where to mount the coil pack - Think ive settle on this. Eventually I'd like to get shorter wires... but for now this will have too work. Also Gauges are order - Here is what they will look like Speedo - Tach- AFR wideband - Oil Pressure - Oil Temp - Fuel - Water Temp
  10. Run it till it blows up then swap 2.2!
  11. Side note I need to get under the car to check angles first... But this could potentially be an option to raise the trans up - looks to be about 2" total height - just need to check the trans mount width http://www.energysuspensionparts.com/71604
  12. You should definitely keep it wood grain! Looks awesome
  13. I havent... been so busy with other stuff. Also was hoping to get the engine dropped in before I really started wiring so that everything was in the spot it will eventually be in
  14. Sounds like square tube spacer sounds like the best idea. Hopefully I can find some similar square top bolts to drop through similar to the trans
  15. Bummer.... I bought mine months ago It's weird with t3... I like there coil over kit and camber plates and the quality is good.... But their heatshield was all off and now this is off.... Bummer
  16. Couple more updates - Got most of the holes cut in the dash, just need to order the gauges and add the dimmer Got an update from Ray at Garage Autohero - Pan is moving along Went ahead cut the trans tunnel and test fit my spare block and trans - tossed one of my bad heads on top for reference Trans seems to be sitting to low with a T3 Crossmember and 260z trans isolator.... giving the engine a bit of a tilt back. - Mocked up with 510 mounts with the upper soft mount holes in the lower crossmember holes... any thoughts? or remedies other then just adding a spacer between the trans isolator and crossmember?
  17. Sorry Busta.... Blowing up your car.....
  18. Little more progress Got the fuse box and mega jolt mounted Also got the block and everything back from the machine shop
  19. Oh---!! I want to put a USB or cigarette lighter port on there as well for the phone charger and what not- anyone have any recommended units?
  20. Here are some photos completely bent and mostly mounted. Still need to add two screw one the driver door edge Don't think I'm going to add upper mounting points since the dash pad puts enough pressure on it Leaving the plastic on till in get the gauge holes drilled Going with speedo and tach behind the steering wheel and then water temp, oil pressure, volts, wideband afr , and fuel in the center where the radio/temp controls used to be Going to put a 3 toggle switch plate near where the stock wiper/lights were for the wipers, lights and hazards. Gauge dimmer will probably go under that some where Irs obviously homemade... But given my lack of sheet metal tools I'm pretty happy so far, especially for my first try
  21. Post a photo interested to see it
  22. Update on the dash project Got my sheet aluminum in- couldn't find anything thick enough locally so had to order some from online metals.com Got it mocked and bent up. Forgot to take a final photo in the car but hope to have it fully mounted by the weekend. Then I'll pull it off order the gauges and get them mounted up. Marked all my cuts and bends with a straight edge and a sharpie then scored the cuts with a dremel then bent / broke them off. For the bends I clamped the metal between two 2x4s and used a third piece of the correct length to bend using the roundest edged 2x4 for the radius of the bends
  23. It was more of a question of it was worth them spending the time... We're back in business though got one from rock auto basically the same as the eBay one- 3 year warranty yada yada yada
  24. Sounds like both were quite warped ....
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