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  1. Took her for a quick spin. Got a couple good on ramps on I-95 near me... those big long bendy ones with a straight in the middle... the kind where you can be well above the highway speed limit before you have even hit the last bend to merge on 😈 😈 😈 😈
  2. I love seeing the old trucks next to the new ones!
  3. Finally got a nice warm day with nothing else to do....so a little more brake work. New rotors and pads up front. The old ones were probably fine... plenty of life left in the pads... but nice to have fresh brakes, pads, rotors, shoes, drums... next up is tires. Leaning toward some Nankang SP-9s in either a 195 or 205/65r15... about $55 each. other then that just driving it as much as I can. Super fun to drive.
  4. All cleaned up and no where to go! swapped the 15s back on since the tires on the 13s are really old... it was also pulling to the left pretty bad with them on. Also gave her a quick bath and quick polish. Sadly no where to go with all this covid stuff going on...
  5. demo243

    T3 Heat Shield

    I wasn’t a big fan of it... didnt fit with my shorty Mikuni manifold and unknown header without some serious trimming... the holes weren’t lined up the best either... pretty easy to fab one up with some sheet aluminum. But if your not confident the t3 would be better then nothing
  6. Congrats dude! Nice truck!
  7. demo243

    Moss covered 521

    I love the moss! But also HATE to see it rot away underneath....
  8. I think you’ll be good! You’ve got a lot of mechanical know all too feel anything that might not be right, and they are good trucks. There is 10+ years behind that truck and engine, they should have figured it out.
  9. awesome! Sounds like a good truck.
  10. that’s not too bad. looking forward to seeing more on this truck!
  11. Looks like they have another 4 door 4x4 frontier there too. Its a few grand more, but has half the milage. Might be worth it. The Pro 4x package is cool, but not really needed
  12. demo243

    Cup holder for a 520

    Been meaning to fab something up like this for a while for both my 620 and my 510... just havent had the metal around... Stealing a idea from the lonely driver company - who makes nice looking aluminum ones - I had a wheel spacer lying around and threw this together in 5 minutes. Not sure what the seat mounts are like in the 520, but another idea. Sliced some fuel line open to line the inside of the spacer to make the diameter a little smaller.
  13. Yea it was a pain in the ass finding a company.... So many agents and 3rd parties, tons of junk emails and phone calls.... Hope this works out well! Out of curiosity what is it gonna run through them?
  14. Don't have one, but have a buddy who is on his 2nd. Great little trucks. If I remember he was up near 200k on his first one before he got hit. I looked pretty seriously at them before I bought my second Tacoma cause the price is much more competitive on the Frontier. Ultimately I liked the ride, styling and seating position of the Tacoma so I went with that, but the Frontier was a close second. 2 door or 4 door? The 4 door cabs they come in a short bed (5ft?) and "long" bed (6ft). Ive got the 6 foot in my Tacoma, its really handy for actually using your truck a truck. Something to consider. Downfall of the 6 foot bed and 4 doors is its a long truck... need 4+ lanes to make u-turn. Cant tell you about what year is the best..
  15. Also is it running? Some companies wont transport non running vehicles. I had good luck with Golden Key, not the cheapest, but stays on one truck the whole way. Dont know if they service you or where the truck is. They will not move non-running vehicles.
  16. demo243

    KA with sidedrafts

    Nice score! My buddy had one of those back in high school, great little trucks!
  17. Hot damn another local Ratsuner! Didnt realize this till crash posted it. Im just up north in Topsfield. Excited to see this truck in person! A few of us got together for Japanese day at the Larz Anderson museum last year. And if we ever get to do anything again... i usually try to get to one of their cars and coffees too. I'd offer my local help... but looks like you have a bigger garage and plenty of fab skills! Keep us posted!
  18. There are a few threads on here about them. This one in particular has some good photos Pretty good quality for the price. Easy to set up. Lots of color options for customizing them. Running them in my 510 and happy with them. Cheaped out in my 620 and bought some JEGS gauges and wish i ponied up for the speedhuts but they jusy werent in the budget...
  19. Nice Work! Truck looks great! I like that towbar/bumper!
  20. I do something similar in the 510... just shove it between the seat and the e-brake, but the bench seat in the 620 doesnt allow for that... Shamelessly stole the idea from the lonely driver company https://lonelydrivercompany.bigcartel.com/product/ldc-x-ms-datsun-510-cup-holders Was planning on making one similar... but i just dont have the right peice of aluminum lying around right now... I might need this wheel spacer back soon for the 510... we'll see... ill probably make one for the 510 at some point... or ill be lazy and just buy a couple... his price is reasonable and the finish looks good.
  21. Teaser shot... The 510 has been a bit neglected recently.... but test fit these 13s i got from a buddy a little while back... just waiting on proper lugs... unfortunately even super performance 13 tires are getting hard to find since the last time a looked... and these tires are old as shit...
  22. Minor updates.... My driver door lock had been sticking and making it impossible to unlock with the key... pulled it apart to see what was going on... turns out just needed some lube... works perfectly now. Unfortunately im the process of tearing the door apart the little clip for the window crank went flying.... i heard it bounce but never land... took a quick look.... but wrote it off... Quick fix was to drill and tap it... gets the job done. Then in my boredom i started looking around got something to make a cup holder out of... had some metal... but that was gonna be a lot of work... scanning my bench i spotted a pair of wheel spacers that i pulled out yesterday while test fitting some wheels on then 510. Brought one out to the truck and thought it wasn't half bad... basically just for a tall Starbucks cup on the way to a show or drive to work... the inner diameter was a bit big for a beer can so i sliced some spare fuel hose to line it and tighten it up. Ratsun FTW!
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