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  1. I know the feeling... sometimes its easier to just pull the trigger... Most everything that eibach offers is typically available through summit or Jeggs which both have multiple warehouses for pretty quick shipping... there might still be hope!
  2. Haven't read through this yet, but just stumbled upon it on my "work from home" boredom. https://stanceworks.com/2020/03/whats-in-a-spring-spring-tech-101-with-hr-springs/ Might be some good info there.
  3. demo243

    My 1971 521

    Not a bad idea... Just ordered some parts from oreilly should we go on lock down.... then I can atleast work on the dattos. Wish I had more cash floating around I'd order a full front end kit from Dave at Futo and get working on the 510
  4. Excited for this!
  5. demo243

    My 1973 620

    Nice looking truck! Got a soft spot for the yellow Datsuns...
  6. Well Covid is throwing a wrench in alot of things... but one benefit of working from home is stealing away for a lunch ride. The bike just barely fits in the back... so tight I probably don't even need the tie-downs... but yay for bed hooks! Also grabbed a shot of the new shift knob- delrin so it shouldn't get too hot, got something similar in the 510 that has been through a few cars and really like it- and current fire extinguisher mount. Cant be too safe in these old cars and trucks... also shows my super fancy stereo system hahaha
  7. Got some good seat time in last week! Drove it to work 3 days with the unusually warm weather we had. Quite a bit of fun to drive as I have said before. Not to much to update on the truck since I really havent done anything.... Oh I did put a new shift knob on it, but forgot to take a picture... Pulled the 510 out yesterday and it crazy the difference in pedal feel hahahahah the 510 is a 15/16th with no booster, so its rock hard... the 620 is much softer with the booster.... Anyway here are some photos. There is a great graphiti wall behind the office parking lot so I couldnt resist taking some photos when I walked out. Love walking out the parking lot to see the truck... looks awesome hard parked...
  8. Not much to update.... Been driving the 620 alot since the roads around here are still pretty messy... Pulled the car out of the garage yesterday to make some organization and cleaning a little bit easier. Started up fine.. although the clutch pedal is feeling really light... I am gonna have to go in there and rebleed it and hope its just some air or old fluid...
  9. demo243

    Just bought a 521

    When did you pull the plugs? Ive always read to truly understand whats going on you need to shut the engine off while running it at the level you want to check... don't quote me on that... but I feel like that is what I have read... Or go wideband AFR and know whats going on all the time. OR as D.P. said...just drive it! hahah Looking forward to true driving season! Got some good miles in over the weekend in the 620. Hopefully we can get the northeast crew back together this spring!
  10. demo243

    Custom cluster setups?

    Play around with some cardboard. Its easy to shape and mark up with where you plan to put the gauges and really helps to visualize things. Be sure to sit in the drivers seat once youve mock'ed it up see what you can see and what might be blocked by the steering wheel. Something else to consider if you are going the custom route is where are your turn signal and hi-beam indicators. I dont know where they are on the 521, but if you ditch the bezel you may loose those. On my 510 I used a Speedhut Speedo that had the turn and hi-beam indicators built in. On the 620 I found some LED arrows and hi-beam indicator on amazon and wired them in.
  11. demo243

    Custom cluster setups?

    Not a 521... But here is what I did on my 620. Biggest downfall is the lack of a glove box.... might pick up a small marine one to add it at some point.... dash was cracked, so was the pad, and I didnt have the bezel and guys were asking 2-300 for them... so I fabbed a full dash out of aluminum sheet. If you dont want to go that far, it shouldn't be to bad to fab up a metal plate - aluminum sheet is pretty easy to work with- that can sit in the same location as the cluster. Then you can get the combo gauges from SpeedHut.
  12. Not much to update.... But put some good miles on the truck today. Was a little to cold to work on it... but not to cold to drive it! So went on a cruise out to the beach, then some lunch and a stop at my new favorite brewery. Need to go in and tape up the holes in the firewall though.... the cab is warm enough for a hoody and gloves on a 38-45 degree day, but as soon as you get going the cold air blows right on your feet! Guess I should just put a heater core back in.... eventually... Truck has a few little issues... one of my yellow fogs died out already... not sure why need to check the wiring... but oddly the second one in the harness still works, so im wondering if I just got a bad bulb... Also the fuel gauge pegged... something must have grounded out,... going by the milage for now... Pretty disappointed in the quality of the JEGS gauges... I guess you get what you pay for.... The speedo and tach are fine, but the mech oil temp isnt working... and then the fuel gauge went... Need to figure out a cup holder in this thing too..... Anyway... here are a coupe photos--- odometer says Im up to 150 miles... but I think the speedo is reading a little high, so its probably slightly less.
  13. Easiest way to tell would be to check the brakes- solid rotor likely 510 - vented rotor should be 280zx. The spacer had nothing to do with how low I am it was to correct the wheel offset to allow it to clear the strut tube. My set up will work on 510 struts--- but would require a big spacer to run the same wheels on 280zx struts.
  14. T3 510 struts or T3 280zx struts? It will make a difference. On 510 struts with t3 coilover conversions I am running a 15x7 +25 with a 10mm spacer... so essentially a +15. 205 tires barely clear the strut and the fender- had to lightly roll the fender- otherwise a pretty perfect fit. Running the same 15x7 +25 on the rear with no spacers and its tight on both the arms and the fender but fits. Depending on how low you go you may need a 195 tire to squeeze it in there.
  15. Did some driving today! This truck is fun! I do miss the bucket seats from the 510 --- the benchseat doesn't give the driver much support.... Still fun driving a rolly boaty poor handling vehicle on the backroads. Kinda why the 510 has lost its fun... your going to fast by the time your pushing the limits.... Started the day replacing the O2 sensor. I mentioned before that the truck was stumbling pretty badly especially while cruising at partial throttle... could be a number of things, but the O2 sensor is supposed to be used mostly at cruise so I started there --- there was a good chance it got fouled when it was running so rich before as well... Any way threw a new single wire O2 sensor in there drove around the block and it already started stumbling.... pulled back in the drive and decided to try unplugging the O2 sensor.... Truck runs fine, although doesn't seem quite as peppy... but.... NO STUMBLE!!!! Which confirms that it was related to the O2 sensor. A number of the 240sx forums mention that with out the 02 it will run in an loop on a safer map... they also mention that upgrading to the later 3 wire helps with mpg and cruise. The other issue I think I am having is that the O2 is off the #4 runner since the bung at the collector bumps into the steering column. Forgot to have the exhaust shop weld in another bung... but that might be too far downstream any way... Picked up a new 3 wire O2 sensor today... was gonna run it in the #4... but decided to try one of the defouler fittings allowing me to potentially run the O2 in the collector as the fitting is 90 or 45 degrees. Both are coming from amazon... so wont get to mess with it this weekend... running it without the O2 sensor for now. Also put the truck to work today! HAHAHAHAHA not much work... Going to build a simple drop in bike rack to hold the front tire of a bike to make it easy to drop my Mtn or BMX bike in the back.
  16. demo243

    245/70/16 Too Big?

    Don't know what the wheel specs are other then they are 15's --- these are 215/65r15s on my 620; 3" blocks on the back, and backed off torsion bars up front. The rear passenger side appears to just clear the fender, the rear driver just kisses the fender. Fronts are ok--- but I don't know the wheel offset or width.
  17. Thanks! Its kept under a cover right now so hopefully ok! Planning on keeping an eye underneath the mat either way.... easy enough to pull out if needed. Hopefully I'll get a new garage built this spring and I can then park it inside with the 510.
  18. demo243


    In what... ?!?!?!? Carbs!?!??
  19. Spent some good time driving it today! This thing is pretty fun to drive! Up to ~65 miles on it I think - Although I need to check the speedo against a measured mile... Seems to be pretty close based on the phone GPS though. For some details on the exhaust--- running the Megan Racing Shorty header. Had the local exhaust shop fab everything else up beyond that--- 2.5" tubing all the way; 4" Magnaflow Round Muffler; unknown resonator/muffler thing.... The shop did a nice job, used an angled flange to get it around the torsion bar, then back up under the truck, added a 2 bolt flange to make it easy to take on and off, then the magnaflow, then my unknown muffler, then a turned down tip to dump behind the bumper. Overall really happy with the sound! Sounds good, louder at high RPMs but not so loud that I need ear plugs.... and quiet enough down low that the wife is happy--- and probably my neighbors too.... Cut the bumpstops in half today as well since it was basically riding on them... definitely helped. No photos of that though... Had a small fuel leak pointed out to me by the exhaust shop--- looks to just be a old hose clamp on the line at the upper back of the tank. Easy fix. While I had the wheels off, I figured I would paint the new... but already rusting drums... I guess the grey paint they came with and machined surface wasnt going to last long.... Then took it for another rip up to Tractor Supply to pick up a bed mat --- 4'x6' ~1" stall mat for $45. Trim out the wheel wells and I am happy with it! Truck is running pretty well for the most part. Pulls strong. But it is having an intermittent stumble... seems to be mostly at partial throttle at ~2.5k rpms- ie when your just cruising... some sensor is obviously not working right... could be my single wire o2 only on the #4 cylinder... could be mad... could be tps... could be the idle air control that isn't working--- although that should only be idle.... Im sure it doesnt help that I am essentially reseting the ecu every time I park the truck either since there is a drain on the battery --- I am pretty sure I have that narrowed down to the alternator... Brakes are still soft... but drivable... I think once it gets warmer I am going to delete the booster--- I just like being able to hit the pedal and have the full feedback, like my 510 has--- probably bump up to a 7/8" master at the same time from a z-car since they were disc front and drum rear as well. Might delete the NSLV valve as well... we'll see... One last photo to leave on!
  20. demo243


    What's that KA for?!?!?
  21. Got the exhaust done today. It was 10 degrees when I left this morning to drive down to the exhaust shop.... one of those mornings where I really wished I left the heater in.... Truck was off the lift by the time I got back to the shop... but pics to come this weekend hopefully!
  22. Thats a sight for sore eyes!!!!!! Good to see Steezy again
  23. I had a new fresh 1 piece made up for my ka swap 620. Was about $350 a couple days at the local driveshaft shop. Just give them a call first and ask them which measurements they need
  24. demo243


    The Champion and Koyo radiators for the L series are very close to the stock size. You should be able to find some measurements from them. JEGS and Summit Racing will let you search radiators by size and inlet/outlet and other options --- Understanding that you might not be able to order from them... they are a very good resource for part numbers for both aftermarket and oem options
  25. demo243

    Brake bleeding help!

    If you pump the pedal does it build any pressure and get stiffer? Easier to feel with the truck off since the booster is out of the equation then. I've had issues with a bad master before where the lines bleed clean... but it was still pulling air in through the master-- so it would bleed clean and feel good... but then be soft and if I bled the master again I would get more air out of it. I might be having the same problem in my 620 now... could not get it bleed with the 2 person method... tried speed bleeders, but the ones I got didnt sit well in the caliper/wheel cylinder.... finally got a vacuum bleeder which helped--- allows me to build a solid pedal feel in 1 1/4 pumps on the pedal... but still not right, leading me to believe there is still air in the system. I think it maybe getting in through the bleeders as I bleed the system --- I need to pull the bleeders and tape them then try again. A note of caution on the 2 person bleed method--- I think it has a tendency to do damage on our old master cyclinders where the seals may not be as soft as they once were...
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