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WTB L16, L18, or L20B engine

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Hey anyone out there in SoCal (preferably San Diego or LA area) got a running drivable L series 4 banger for sale?

I did a L16 swap from a J13 and the L16 ended up being crap. Too Much machine work required to be worth it soooo, let me know what you got!



- United States

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Are you still looking? I’m about to pull a running l16 w/auto trans out of a 1973 620. When I say about to I mean sometime in the next few weeks or months but for sure this year... I’m in Fullerton, CA



I am still looking, if I don't find anything between now and then I'll be sure to get back with you. What are you lookin to get for the motor?

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$300 with all accessories Weber 32/36, starter, alternator, coil, etc. 


or if you just want the engine block, head, and valve cover $200.



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Engine is pulled. Let me know if you're interested, if not no worries 🙂

Thank you.






Nice! Yes I am still interested. When are you available? I have to rent a pickup from U-Haul, I do not trust my truck to drive that far at the moment, I'll also have to sort out a day to head up to Fullerton. Thanks, Mike

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I don't know any of the story of the motor other than I pulled it from my '73 620. The block is an L16 and engine number matches the plate on the driver side fender. The head is stamped A87 and appears to have been shaved slightly.

When I bought the truck there was 0 compression, but turned out that the previous owner had adjusted the valves incorrectly and they were pretty much open all the time. Once I adjusted the valves the truck has run fine.


I don't drive it a bunch but it's been good to me for Home Depot runs and cruising around. I only pulled it, because I had a deal on a KA24DE and figured why not... So following the endless Ratsun threads on swapping the KA I've finally pulled the trigger and starting taking stuff apart... 

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Hi Gene, 


Yes I still have everything for the auto transmission in my garage. Make me an offer trans, torque convertor, flywheel, etc... It's all there. 🙂

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