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  1. Time Left: 5 days and 2 hours

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    Hey anyone out there in SoCal (preferably San Diego or LA area) got a running drivable L series 4 banger for sale? I did a L16 swap from a J13 and the L16 ended up being crap. Too Much machine work required to be worth it soooo, let me know what you got! Thanks, Mike


    - US

  2. I got one I'll give you, you just pay shipping. that and I have to remove it from the block which is at work. Hit me up.
  3. Time Left: 3 hours and 57 minutes

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    Hello, anybody out there got a 521 gearbox or tail-shaft housing on the cheap? I pretty sure its the F4W63 4 speed I couldn't find any real numbers on the case. The last picture is the damage to the trans, the rear seal cup completely shattered inside the driveshaft shroud. Been that way since I bought it, slings gear oil like a crack dealer. I cannot find this gearbox or shaft housing anywhere, modifying mounts for a Z car trans isn't what I want to mess with right now. Any help would be awesome, I am located in San Diego. Thanks guys.


    San Diego, California - US

  4. Thanks Mike,very informative. doing 60-65 on so cal freeways is gonna suck but, it'll do for now. Farmer, I may just consider that. Wayno thanks, I will definitely check that slave rod. I appreciate the help guys, thanks again.
  5. Hello everyone. New member here, I purchased my first Datsun this weekend. I've always wanted a Datsun of some kind for a long time, my dad had an aqua turquoise colored B210 in the early 90s and it was uglier than homemade sin. But for the past few years I was itchin' for that old mini truck vibe from back in the day, so Saturday I bought a '69 521 pickup from a guy in the Long Beach area. Barely got back to Sand Diego and it developed a problem. The number 2 cylinder intake valve started sticking so it was popping and sputtering even a little fire in the Weber carb. Needless to say by
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