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Sweet 75 In Redmond~Need 5 SPEED Info/help


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Okay, I just spent the day driving all the way down to Olympia and hagglin with a lot for a 75 620. yes, a lot, and yes I paid a bit too much and had to actually "Pay Taxes" Oh well, I think she's a beaut!


I just bought a house, and really needed a truck. I've rented uhauls in the past and just didn't want to piss away another 3-4 bills again. So I started looking at craigslist. Sure, I could have bought a Ranger, or even an mazda 2600 for less money. But I can really even try to work on something 80's. Plus the old Datsuns are really cool little trucks.


It's got a 4 speed and barely does 55 and sounds like its gonna blow.


Who's got a 5 speed? I need to buy one and figure out if I need to pay a pro to help me get it done, or If I can handle it ( slowly with much swearing and reading of manuals...


Some of you Craigslist fiends may have seen this little beauty....


Its completely stock except the wheels, and everything works, except the windshield juice. but the pump runs!



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Welcome to the forum, your truck is nice looks like its been well kept. as far as 5speeds i need one myself, I had that same problem 55 mph at @3500 rpms i went with 3:70's on the rear end and it helped alot, the 5speed would be better but i would guess alot more $$$ and complicated.

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Thanks man, did you put the gear in yourself? Was the brutal? I'm an old VW owner, and have been driving a water cooled car for so long, don't have much in the way for real tools. I'd like to get hooked into the right people.

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Install the 280zx trans the last 2 years have a super high 5th... I forget the exact years though.... Bleach would know but he's to good for the forums lately... :)

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I'll send him a PM to find what year exactly...


Do I have to pull the motor?


Does that just drop in? same clutch drive train, etc?


Can anyone here do this for a reasonable price?


hayes manual coming, was really good at dropping my VW notchback motor, but will need to slowly get rolling again with tools, etc.

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You do not need to pull the engine, it is tuff on a 620 to get to the rear bolts though. I don't know the exact years for the free way fifth zx trans. Like paying some dude to swap it?

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the problem with the zx tranny is it makes the little trucks kinda slow i've been told.. and thats not fun.. its all a bolt in swap.. not sure about the 75 if it has a different drive line then the 77 but u use the same l20b clutch kit and all an just bolt the tranny in as a replacement.. if your going to haul stuff with the clutch you dont want to lose your low end torque

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Slow for a speed demon like yourself, lynch...


The ZX tranny is fine on the freeway... getting to the freeway, well, leaves something to be desired and trying to get moving uphill with a load (when I mean load, I mean a couple engine blocks here) can be tough on the clutch. For the best compromise the '77-79 Z or '77-78 truck trannys are good.

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1981-83 non-turbo 280ZX has the tallest 5th gear.

I think that transmission plus leaving the 4.375in is a good combination. Forget the 3.7 and 4-speed. The 5-speed keeps your shifting closer together anyway.


I went with the tall transmission and a 4.11 rear gear. That was a bit too much. With how little torque it had, even though the rpms were low I wonder if it really got much better gas milage. You have to be in the throttle a bit more to get going. The truck was stolen before I could even calculate my milage.


The transmission will swap out with the engine still in but it is difficult. There is a center crossmember in the truck that is non-removable. You have to tilt the engine a bit for the input shaft to clear the clutch. Also, buy a new 225mm clutch kit including a throwout bearing. Might as well replace that while its opened up.


Since the ad is deleted, did you get that standard cab red truck for about $2000?

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I enjoy my zx trans, I haven't hooked up my tach to see freeway rpms though. My ka pulls nice at any freeway speeds in fifth with a good load in the back. I have never needed to downshift. So a L20 should be fine with the zx trans.

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either way if its killing your acceleration and or hauling abilitys its not worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get the earlier model z 5 speeds or the 620 5spd.. l20bs do not produce enough power, if you change the rear end gearing u maybe able to recover some of the loss i dont know.. but you'll end up in the same position you started with

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no, do the swap. On the super rare occasion you're hauling big loads on the freeway then 55 and 4th gear is your friend. Its that easy.


I hauled 5000lbs total weight with my wimpy L18. Truck loaded, passenger, longbed 620 trailer loaded as well all to the dump. Yes, I went on the freeway.

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Datsunholics got one in a red 75 rusting at his house. He doesnt know it yet, but he's selling it to me super cheap because he needs the room, and just wants it gone!


Bleach, I did indeed by the truck. I'd been lurking for a few months, trying to be paitent. When Shorty popped up, I jumped. You'll be amazed at how clean it is.




So I'm on a mission to stock it out completely, other then a few things that just make sense, EI, better rims, 5 speed, right mirrors, new dash and Tach.


If you or anyone is looking to make some extra cash and help me pull and then drop in the 5 speed, PM me and lets get dirty!

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