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My 300zx TT

72 327

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Well I have the 72 610 with a 327 sbc in it and then I just brought this home today. It has a JDM I think skyline 4 door motor in it. Bigger turbos, 500cc injectors, and chipped currently in need of a serious tuning. All leather. Its a 91 300zx TT

















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If its a turbo(S) engine then it would be an RB26DETT. Very expensive engine.


Or maybe the previous owner just likes to throw around the term 'JDM' a lot like it means it has something extra in it.


A JDM engine in a Datsun truck usually means an L18 which is weaker than the US market L20b. :)

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you guys are forgetting the new skyline motor, the v6 version, common in our infinity models, thats what a skyline is in japan, not as cool as a r34 skyline, but still whatever floats the boat. nice z32 by the way, post pix of the engine bay and we shall see.

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well if its a skyline motor its a straight 6 which im not sure would fit.. but probobly would, unless its from the g35 style "skylines" either way take pics of engine bay PLEASE! ;)


i didnt forget that... but the cost of that would be ALOT so i didnt think it'd be that one although anythings possible.. but that would make that z32 worth ALLLLLOOT of money!! vq35dett MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

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does anybody know where the numbers are on the block that would say what block it is? As if I was going to be able to find them in that engine bay. Theres no room to do sheeet in there...

Ill get pics tomorrow.

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I found out the motor is from a SEMA? same block as the ZX with slightly bigger rods. Its a single turbo sedan in Japan. But all the z parts went back on so its twin again..

And my friend is Vernon from Raver Motor Sport in Visalla, Ca he is the bulider of the car that currently holds the land speed record on a full body z.



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