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To Trade or Not To Trade...


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My 72 y/o neighbor has bought a new home, and I am doing her interior painting for her. She needed some drywall work, which I do not do... so today the contractor and his helper arrived to start work. As I glanced out a window, what did I observe but a blue Datsun 1600 620 shortbed PU. Later I approached the workers and inquired about the Datsun. One worker said... I was gonna ask who was driving the other Datsun myself. We got to chatting, and I kinda jokingly asked if he wanted to trade trucks... he said that he would be interested. I would love to have a 620... and I am planning a new L20 motor build anyways... so my dilema... do I want to trade my '82 720 for his '73 1600 620... hmmm.


What would you do? I know its my decision... but those lil 620's are getting VERY hard to find. He said he had the lil L16 rebuilt, but it had a valve that wasn't seating good, and is causing a idle problem. Like I said... I am gonna build a L20 anyways... so I could jus swap it in place of the L16.



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Yea... I got a Saab 900 and a Toyo Supra to drive... I was gonna build my 720 engine offline, cause its the only truck I have, and I could use it to haul the block, etc... to the machinist. I do drive the truck as a daily driver tho. I have several friends with trucks, and the machinist is only a few blocks away, so they won't mind hauling it around a bit for me if I get the 620. You just don't see many 620's in my neck of the woods, esp early 1600's. I'm gonna go to the guy's place tomorrow and check it over... see what happens.



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If you have an '82 how come you were planning an L20B build up? What were you going to do with it? Wait for a 620 to come along? Well here it is!


Oh yeah... get the 620. Way better looking than a 720. See what he wants for it in cash and keep the 720 for a running Z22. It would beat the L16 and equal the L20B for go.

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I was gonna do a stroked L20 - because I can lay my hands on a complete '75 and '76 motor. Was gonna drop it in the 720, and that would give me the Z block to have later. Yea... I had rather have a 620 - with a stroked L20 - it would be fun. The truck is in good shape... a rust spot on the drivers floor-pan - awful blue paint, but a very straight body. Interior will need replaced... its all original. I will see come tomorrow... bedtime now... too much painting.



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