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FCP Euro for lifetime fluids

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Just wanted to mention FCP Euro and their lifetime returns on fluids. It's pretty great, and coming from the Euro world they are very well respected for this policy. It also gets me to change my fluids more often since the cost is less of a factor. Their prices are generally a few dollars more than Amazon, sometimes a few under.


They have some nice options for Datsuns, like Classic Eighties from Motul and various Redline GL-4 and 5 gear oils. Liqui-Moly also for GL4+ and GL-4/5 options


More info on shipping the fluids back can be found here. It's pretty simple, but you do have to package it correctly and pay return shipping. Still not so bad to pay $20 shipping for $200 of fluids!


Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with this site, just like saving money.

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I checked and they are all European vehicles, not even a Nissan. So Mercedes, BMW, Volvo Porsche etc. If Datsuns are included I didn't see it. I'm also particular about my oil, Motul ??? Is that like Kirkland??



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Motul is pretty legit, and has some well-regarded trans/gear oils in various communities. They do the whole GL-4/5 "blend" multi-compatibility thing like Liqui-Moly so that is always iffy, but I like their motor oil a lot.


Searching by vehicle is not going to do much there since it is all Euro stuff like you say. I usually just search for specific products I want by name, like Redline MT-90 or Classic Eighties. You can browse by category also


Transmission Fluid


Differential Fluid

Motor Oil

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Oh no reason to be sorry, not trying to push the site or anything. Kind of interesting that you don't trust Redline or Castrol? Motul is kind of niche, sure.


I have had good experience using their returns and have saved a ton of money on fluids using them, it is definitely long-term savings though since they only sell pricier options. It also makes me change my trans and diff fluid more often, and use way better fluids, since it ends up costing me a whole $20 in shipping after the return processes. 


You're right though that convenience in king, and time is money. It's a trade-off and maybe not one that's worth it on an older vehicle. The big kicker for me honestly is gear oil, that stuff is pricey as heck even for "cheap" stuff and I can never find all the bottles I want in one store! I swear it's a conspiracy, tons of 75w-140 and one bottle of 75w-90, or GL-5 only, etc. I buy that online anyway since it is such a pain.

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As strange as it sounds, FCP Euro's process is legit and they do take it back. It works on more than oil, but for Datsun's that's all any of us would ever buy.

As far as Motul, it's about all I run in anything anymore. It's fantastic oil.

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