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My 62' Bluebird for sale

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I've come to the realization that I will not be able to get around to working on my 62' Bluebird anytime in the near future. Therefore it's going to need a new home. The car is actually amazingly complete, but also very worn. The engine does indeed run, but I have never driven the car. I was using a Nash Metropolitan carb with an adapter plate on the stock Datsun manifold. I converted a standard single point L series distributor to work in place of the original dizzy, but this still needs some timing tweeking. I still have the original carb/dizzy. The interior is shot, but the body is really straight and rust free. I even have the original hubcaps/wheels, and the car's owners manual.


I paid $500 for it, spent $200 on a set of used tail lights (and a box of extra parts), bought a carb, and distributor. I'd be happy if I could just get the $500 back out of it. I'm in Phoenix, AZ.






Here's a pic of the Nash carb setup. I even have spares for this carb too.


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Your a little farther........but I've driven from Phoenix, AZ all the way to Redding, Ca, just to tow a Datsun back home on a trailer. 1000 miles is about my limit for that sort of thing.


Yeh, it would make an awesome project for someone. I just don't have the time with my work schedule, and I've also got my 71' 510 I'm trying to put back together.


Being as there were only around 2500 imported over 3 years, they are super rare.

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Pacifc Coast, I unfortunately have no idea how the brakes and clutch are. I do know the E-brake works fine though. I got it running with the Metro carb and 620 dizzy, and haven't had the time to go further. I would assume that at a minimum the entire brake system needs to be flushed, and who knows from there. Before I got it it hadn't been on the road for at least 12 years. I just want it to go to a home where someone else can appreciate it, and actually do something with it, aside from just sitting here. San Diego isn't far, just rent a tow dolly and you can be here and back in a day.

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