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63A trans (not that kind of trans.)


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Does anybody have any secret techniques to getting the tail housing back on?  I'm trying to button up this trans rebuild and the tail housing is kicking my ass.  The FSM says it should be in 5th, but it doesn't really say what to do with the tail housing.  I've tried 5th, 4th, N, I'm beat and out of sillycone.     angryface.jpg  tiredface.jpg


You're suggestions will be attempted tomorrow. Right now it's beer:30.


Thank you

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All gears in the neutral positions. Might help to install the shifter into the striking rod and put the pin in. The other end of the striking rod has a finger sticking down called the striking lever.


I think they mean the shift lever should be full over in the 5th gate rotating the striking rod as far clockwise as possible but still in neutral. Until it meshes with the shift rods it will want to flop around so you'll have to hold it. Lower the tail and the striking lever has to slip into the neutral gate. 


R 2 4

NNN <<<<< here

1 3 5

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