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Fuel Issues


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Hey y’all,


I’m trying to figure out if I need a new fuel pump.


Among several other upgrades, I replaced the hitachi with a Weber, and I haven’t started the car since July. I’m finally ready to start it, but it just can’t crank enough to get fuel into the bone dry carb. I pulled a hose in front of the pump, and that side is dry too.


Before I started taking stuff apart the pump was working, and I didn’t touch it during my tinkering. 

Also, before anyone asks, yes, there is plenty of fuel in the tank. And yes, I’ve been using starter fluid. 

Thoughts? 🤔


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There will be at least 3 hoses and 6 hose clamps on the suction side. If there is a small leak air will get in and if the truck sits a long enough time the fuel will siphon back into the tank, or mostly. Takes a lot of engine cranking to suck it back up hill, fill the filter and get to the pump.


I had one like this. If the car sat it was a huge amount of starter cranking. It was faster to dribble gas down the carburetor. It would fire up briefly on this and when revved up the pump would be able to do it's job.


Try that. Once the lines are full it should be ok.

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