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MY 521 With Weber 32/36


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Hey all,


I need some help... My 521 was running great up until 2 months ago... Now I have this re-occurring issue and I think its my carb but need your input.


Here the issue:  car starts and runs great until i have to decel down a hill then when I get back on the gas it will stumble and run like crap from that moment on.  sometimes even stall

Then is very hard to re-start like its flooded.  


Anyway... all the help I can get would be great! 

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I do the basic free stuff. ck the valve lash and timing.

then I will tighten the intake and carb to make sure they are snug. then think about looking mostly at the carb.


to me the sooner one gets rid of a 50yr carb the better.  a weber 32.36 DGV 5A(manual choke)


I assume the ignition is still stock.


to me its a stuck float(floodin or the needle valve that lets the gas in is dirty and not shutting gas going in.


I assume stock fuel pump also

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Electronic Ign, Stock fuel pump, manual choke...

Will Check the valve clearance next then will check the float.  I have pull all the jets and manually cleaned them with my jet cleaning tool.

Manifold and all connections are tight.  


again only happens after truck is warmed up and I pull my foot off the gas (usually on a down hill grade) almost feels like its running out of gas.  if I come to a stop it wants to stall.  Wont if I keep revving the engine.  Then after shut down its a mother to start...Like its flooded.


Thank for your response will play with it this weekend.

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The 521 probably has that large glass window on the front. Take a look while idling. Gas level should be close to the marked line. 


Once warmed up take the top off the air filter and make sure the choke is fully vertical and open.



After it starts acting up, does it clear itself later and run ok? till the next down hill?

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KInda like Mike said chech the choke. seems like its still ON and then choking out once warmed up. But this would make more sense if it was a electronic choked carb with the 12v wire off and just stayed ON.


so Im still thinking carb float or needle valve were the gas goes into the carb . But you said you cleaned it.


I was never good at rebuilding a stock carb. They just explode on me and I throw them away.


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Does it smoke out the tailpipe when decelerating down a hill?


When it stalls, try flooring the throttle pedal while trying to restart it. If it fires then coughs but then clears out, it is definitely a rich condition. Banzai thought it might be a stuck float. Smack the top of the carb, near the fuel inlet, with the plastic end of a screwdriver and see if the problem goes away.

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