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Project Bush:720 Z24 4X4=Head Gasket Replacement


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Was unable to align/bolt up cam gear to cam by 1cm after a head gasket replacement!

Somewhere I screwed it up, when I was putting head back on I think... Damn piece of wood!

Now I shall remove engine front casing to push the &%$@*&! tensioner/plunger back in.

Anyone put in one of the tensioners/plungers that STAY in?


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Thanks for tensioner info, looks good, but too much.

Great trick NC85ST, I should have asked earlier.

Yes, now that I have it apart, I will make the perfect tool and screw it to the hood.

Easy to remove engine front cover, checking timing will be fun.


What best FREE place to store photos??



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OK it's even larger at about 160mm across the inside BUT the 4 holes that attach it to the clutch fan I believe are the same as yours. I get a touch over 134mm between either two across from each other. It's also 8 blade to your 7 and the same 380mm across (15") 

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The crank shaft should be at TDC and the crank shaft sprocket dot at about 4 o'clock on the driver's side. The cam sprocket dot should be around 2 o'clock with 40 chain links between them. There is no way to install it 180 degrees out.


Now if you mean ignition timing being 180 out, well that depends in what position you install the oil pump/distributor drive spindle. If engine is at TDC look in the distributor hole and this is what you should see...




The top of the drive spindle has a tang and looks sort of like a screw driver blade. It's off set slightly to one side so there is a small and large half moon. The small half mood should be towards the front of the engine and the tang oriented like a clock at 11:25. If the large side was to the front then it would be 180 out. The slot in the bottom of the distributor assures that it can only go back in in this one position and timing is never lost if removed.

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Now I understand.

does not matter which tdc your at because the cam is not chained in yet.


Both front cylinder valves shut indicate TDC ?  Head is bolted on now.


OK, I will check again and finish up.


tdc does not matter because no cam inside engine!

HardWired to v-8's I guess ... lol



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Is this Super-Important to get the tang sitting like the previous photo?

should the oil pump + dist be installed at same time to ensure you get the 12:00 setting for dist ?

my tang is 12:15, I compensated by moving cap leads but could not find smooth running spot



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 Yes very important.


Engine must be at TDC compression stroke on #1


The oil pump and the distributor are both turned by a spindle driven off a worm gear on the crankshaft. To adjust the spindle from the 12:15 to the correct 11:25 unbolt the oil pump and remove it. (have rags handy it will drip oil) The spindle will likely drop right out with it or just grab it a wiggle it loose. The oil pump has a mark on it and so does the spindle.


I jumped a gear on the oil pump/ distributor spindle when replacing my oil  pump throwing off the timing. i forgot to set


Put the pump back in and snug one of the bolts to hold it in place. Take a look through the distributor hole and it should now be 11:25 but if not, drop the pump again and turn the spindle slightly and try again.




If at 12:15 then whoever replaced the head gasket must have removed the oil pump and the spindle and put it back in wrong. Only reason for removing the oil pump is if the timing chain tensioner fell out from not knowing what they were doing.

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