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Holley R9228 Carburetor HELP NEEDED!!!


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I have a Holley R9228 carb that was sold a a aftermarket replacement for 1978-1979 Datsun trucks, problem is the idle and main jets were missing when I opened it up to rebuild it. DOES ANYONE ON RATSUN HAVE ONE OF THESE??? I can buy the jets, but Holley doesn't have any information available for original jet sizes.  I'm hoping someone here has one they could look at and tell me what's is in theirs. it's 230CFM maybe a good carb guy might have a close idea what size idle and main jets i could start with and tune from there. I really appreciate any help that anyone can offer. Possibly the same as a weber 32/36? it does say Weber inside the bowl.

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Yeah, that carburetor looks pretty crusty. If you don't need to pass emissions testing, just put a new DGV on it.


A couple years ago I was poking around the web and found a ton of info and parts resources for that carb. The thing is, you have to know what to call it and how to search. If I recall, I was searching for "Pinto Holley Weber" and "Holley 5200", but there is another name that carb goes by. It's a Weber name, and I can't think of it at the moment. Maybe search here on Ratsun for smog legal Weber.


I would bet the stock main jets were in the 140 range.



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