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Identifying my 720


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I purchased this car recently for a grand sight unseen as a first project car, that’s pretty good for the Australian car market, although I have not been able to specifically identify it the vin number has 12 digits instead of 17 so it’s been tricky finding anything out about this car and where to go to find parts, all I know it is a 1984 Nissan Datsun 720 originally desiel converted to petrol, it has a 4 speed manual and 4 wheel drive it’s a dual cab pickup I’ll attach some photos, any information would be really helpful!






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Sorry I can’t tell you much about it, but that’s a nice truck for a $1000. We didn’t get the double cab 720 here. I imagine, mechanically, most anything for an ‘84 Nissan 720 would work. Need better pictures of the engine though, because it doesn’t look like a Z24. Might need to research what engine’s were available in the 720 in your area.

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Look on the dash through the windscreen, probably on the driver's side for the VIN. What you posted is the engine and body plate. J is the code for SD25 diesel, Y for 4x4





Sure looks like spark plug wires....


Might be a J15 engine

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