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  1. Holy cow man.... The amount of work put into this project!!!! I bow to you! I really can't wait to see it finished! Soooo much metal work....
  2. definitely sounds like a carb adjustment issue. Compression is always worth checking before you pull you hair out!
  3. I applaud you on your efforts an results, Michelle! This is coming along so nicely!
  4. Update: - Got the block back from the machine shop. Painted and rotating assembly in. Waiting on new rings since I somehow managed to order ones for the 2.2L. 😒 - Just acquired a share parts truck with a broken timing chain guide - will be using some of the emission parts to pass CA emissions then most everything will be up for grabs if anyone is interested. I may fix this engine and put it all back together and sell it whole as well - Time will tell. - Located a Japanese KA24DE out of a Frontier with only 50K miles on it. Pulling trigger on that asap! Things are coming together!
  5. Oh WOW!!!! JEALOUS!!!!! Congrats on such a great find and acquisition!
  6. Video of it running, or it's not! 😂
  7. Just added the wheel and tire set-up. Been meaning to do this! 15x8 ProComp 69 wheels 205/50 R15 Nitto NeoGens
  8. Belltech drop spindles for the front is the best way to go for sure. Re-indexing the torsion bars is a decent second option but does mess with your geometry. I did blocks in the rear but the 4x4 springs are a bit better way to go but as mentioned, not super low.
  9. Well, you've taken on a big project! There's a lot to do but don't let that stop you from dreaming. Remember how much work you've already put into it and all you have learned from it. And good on you for deciding to keep an older car on the road - as previously stated, there's no feeling like it. Lot's of good advice so far. -Definitely get the ROW52 app for searching junkyards -Rockauto.com is amazing -The Olympia WA Nissan dealer is specializing in older Datsun parts and are very helpful. https://www.nissanparts.cc/ -Factory service manual will save your ass. Live by it.
  10. this... should be interesting. Both Rusty and Mike make good points. There will be a LOT of fab work to make this not just fit but functional. Adding much weight to the front end of these small trucks entails a lot of suspension redesign - along with the modifications you will be making to fit the engine makes for a difficult project! I'm excited to see how you tackle it. There is a lot of information and mostly KNOWLEDGE here so do pay attention. Having recently come from the Daimler diesel world professionally, his numbers seem attainable. That's the beauty of diesels - Give them air and too much fuel and they go insane. The science is not nearly what needs to be for gas. Adding that turbo and changing to the modified older mechanical fuel pump should make for some huge increases.
  11. Can't wait to see this thing all buttoned up! Iv'e always had a great appreciation for rods and how much thought and work goes into them!
  12. No reason to stick with the Z24 or Z24i CA emissions makes it the easiest to keep the Z24, not the Z24i - stupid, I know... So i'm going to pass emissions with the factory Z24 and then source a KA24. Much better parts and aftermarket support. More power and more reliability as well. Just a waiting game for the right KA to come around
  13. Oh this looks fun! Watching closely!
  14. Thanks bud! It's been a long time coming. (almost 7 years) Just got the seat back yesterday and set it in. Pretty happy with it! Man I wish I had the skills and patience to do upholstery - it's definitely an art form! I think I'll stick to engine and suspension. lol
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